I had a great last week!!!! I gave my talk yesterday. It went really well. I enjoyed giving it. The first two speakers were youths, who became emotional and started to weep - and I really felt the Spirit. Then a recent convert spoke, who also wept for ten minutes straight. Then I stood up, final speaker with 25 minutes to fill, and said my only goal for the talk was to not cry. It was pretty funny. I didn't cry though and it went great. I got off some good ideas about sacrifice and service. I always felt like I was sacrificing time with all of you, school, etc for my misison. But if you read the scriptures it says Christ requires a sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. So I realized, although as a missionary you consecrate and give up your family, friends, etc to the lord, you don't sacrifice it. He doesn't want you to. He wants our hearts. So, really, I feel I have accomplished that in my misison. Not perfect but did it well I think. My heart really is for God. I really love Matthew 25:40. Serving others is serving Christ. I really developed a love for serving others. It translated into me having a deep relationship with Christ. I really know He is there meaning He oculd be right next to us at any moment. He is alive. He is not just an idea. I know He is there. I really just love service. Focusing on others is the key to happiness. I am really going to keep that going at home. As a missionary you are in the environment to do it, but when you go home there are so many temptations to stop. I really dont want to stop so, I am going to keep that focus on others.

Last week I got to see sumo wrestlers for the first time. Just as chubby and big as you would expect hah. It was cool. Today we hiked the mountain as a district. It was fun although my legs are still shaking - haha, it was super cloudy though so I didnt see much. It is so cool to see all of the Shinto shrines. I can't wait to tell you more about them when I get home.

My bike didn't make it. The gear shifter exploded on Saturday. I just stood there for a minute and was like, "You couldn't make it four more days?" haha - its ok though even if the bike wimped out at the end. It was a good time with my bike. I'll miss it - haha (not really). I am excited for driving a car.

Yeah, so I love Japan so much. It was here that I learned what was important in life and where I was able to develop a deep relationship with God. It was with these people that I learned that Christ really can help us. I will always be thankful and love Japan and even more, the Japanese people. You all should come here someday. It is full of the most polite and nice people on the planet. I have a lot of their mannerisms I think so you guys are probably going to get a kick out of that - haha, you'll have to help me. I'm going to ball my eyes out when I leave, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited to see all of you. I really am!! You have no idea. You think  you are excited, try being the one away from everyone for two years - haha, I am so excited.  I can't wait to see you in Houston. My two trainees are training this transfer. I'm happy. My line will continue in the mission - haha, I love Tokyo Japan. I'll explain more to you on Friday but for now, I just want you to know I have loved being a missionary, I'm not stopping, I'm keeping my focus on God and family for the rest of my life. I love you all. See you Friday!!!!!

Love, Elder Proctor

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Fashion Dude in Japan


A good friend in Sanjo

Going to the Mountian

This Sanjo member really likes hats, so he got the Texas one!
(he really was happy to get it, he always looks like that - lol)

We got to help cook at a Ramen restaurant

Sanjo Ward Family 2013 when I first was in Sanjo

Same family 2 years later, since I was assigned to finish my mission where I started!

My final week on my mission in Tokyo:

So now I am heading into my last normal week. I am really excited. We have a lot of stuff planned and I have two splits so the week should fly by. Last week went by so fast. I had a good time talking to people. I am just trying to make the most out of everyday. So, yesterday was good and sad. We had three investigators at church. Shibukawa, the guy who couldn't talk, came!!!!! we picked him up with a member and he was so happy. We have taught him about God and prayer and the time he talks most is in prayer. So he loved church, but the sad thing is this. When the member dorpped him off, his older sister got on to him and told us never to come back:( we can't talk to him now. I am going later this week to give him a shirt, but one day he'll get to hear the gospel. He loved it and I'm hoping he just comes to church by himself.
We also taked to Maruyama-san and it was sad. He told us his daughter also told him to stop talking to us. She is all he has so we have to stop. I almost cried. He really helped me so much in this last part of my mission. The end of my mission was a little bit tougher and I really think this funny humorous guy was just there for me. I really love him. I'm going to miss him. We taught one guy named Takashi. He said he was having a super hard time but then after we texted him it helped. He said he was about to give up on God and say He isn't real and won't help. I texted him about God loving him and will help. He finally came through and the other day I met him and he was so happy. I'll send pictures. he is a different person. Nice to help him in his life.
So some really good things and also not so good happened. I hate when people can't meet anymore!!! They don't even give us a chance to show what we are all about. Their family decides before even meeting us. Makes me mad but, oh well. There is a new video on the church website about the Sabbath Day. Watch it!! It is so good!!! Also, read your scriputres and pray!! If you are not doing it, it is wrong!! There is no excuse not to. Think about what matters in life. Always do your best to think about and worry about things that will affect you in the future. Your video games and lots of personal stuff will not affect you. Turn out to others and do things that will help others and make them happy which will in turn help you!!! Read Matthew 25:40. its one of my favorite scriptures now. I am giving my last talk on Sunday and will talk about sacrifice and service. I have really learned on my mission that serving is key to happines. If you are a millionaire or successful all by yourself, in the end, after accomplishing so much, it will be worth nothing if you have no one to enjoy with. Focus on others!!!! Forget yourself!! I am not perfect, but I have been really trying this. Do things for others and it turns into your happiness.
I love you all so much and I am so excited to see you in a short week and a half. Can't believe I am saying that.:)) I love you all and hope you have a good week!!!

Love, Elder Proctor
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Cool Shades

Texting friend

Seventy visit


Nice Ward Family
Week 5 of my last transfer ‏
We had a good week last week. On Monday we taught an old investigator who we called and he said he would meet again. We met and now he is reading the Book of Mormon and doing well. Pretty cool. Something I haven't really talked about much is how awesome being at the end of my mission is - haha - there are some stresses that come at the end, but one thing that has been cool is Japanese. I really love it. I hope one of my siblings goes on a foreign language speaking mission. It really is so much fun to learn another language. Looking back at some of my old things that I wrote in Japanese are hilarious. It is so funny looking at the stuff I used to think was hard - haha - Japanese is still ridiculously hard - haha.  I love reading general conference talks about missoinary work and it always seems to have some reference about the Japanese language being hard. But it is possible. You really do learn what you need and just enjoy getting as much else as you can. I can't wait to continue learning it for the rest of my life.
I talked to a bunch of people on the trains this week going to a meeting. I'm going to miss trains. It's so easy to talk to people on them because they can't all haha:P it always goes well. I gave out some copies of the Book of Mormon and had fun doing it. I also got assigned a talk for my last Sunday in two weeks! I am so happy they gave it to me. My topice is service and sacrifice. I'm happy.
We have been meeting with Maruyama and a couple of other poeople. The guy who was able to talk is doing alright. We will see him tonight. Just gotta get him to try things but hey, he is way happier and not lonely anymore. So cool to see how God works through us to help others. Elder Cowden and I are getting along well. Just doing our best. He really wants me to enjoy my last two full weeks. We have grown a lot together because we both have dealt with lots of challenges together these last two transfers.
I got my ticket and going away packet?!?!? It was a really weird feeling. I think it will set in on my last week when I get on the bus for Tokyo. It has been nice, I have been contacting people from my mission who live in Tokyo area and all of them want to see me before I leave. It really made me feel good. So, that last day all the people from Kamagay and Chiba like Shouta and Kenji and others will see me in Tokyo. It means a lot to me. I am doing my best. I love you all so much. The MTC teachers were right. Leaving from your mission is hard. It was super hard to leave you all., but it is also hard to leave your mission. I'm sure Taylor can explain. That said though, I really am excited to come home to you all. I love you all so much and don't take the hardness of leaving to mean I don't want to see you. I want to so bad - haha you have no idea. I found a cool quote:
"That is true. But before you make a decision against a mission, count your blessings, my dear friend. Think of all the great and marvelous things you have--your very life, your health, your parents, your home, the girl you love. Are they not all gifts from a generous Heavenly Father? Did you really earn them alone, independent of His blessing? No, the lives of all of us are in His hands. All of the precious things that are ours come from Him who is the giver of every good gift."
This was about a missoinary deciding to go on a misison or not. I faced the same things. But you guys were a big reason I went. Just like it says in that quote, there was a point in Utah where I prayed and thanked God for everything in my life. Because of all of you, I was able to do it. I love you all. I can't way to share everything with you in person in a couple of weeks. I got so many good stories! You have no idea:P   have a great week!!!!

New friend met on the train

Sign says "Danger" . . . Not sure why naked eyeball needed?

Sister Nagano, our Mission Mom

Departing Missionary Survey... wooo hooo

"Are you ready for some Ping Pong!" (sung like Hank Williams)

Awesome Fireworks Display!!
So, the Nagaoka fireworks are the best thing in the world. They blew my expectations out the window. You know how you think something is going to be awesome, you have all these expectations, then the real thing happens and it's so much better than you expected, that's what this was. I thought it will be awesome and it honestly was so good I felt like I felt the Spirit at sometimes haha:P There was a million people there and all were sitting on the highway. We just sat there and then they had a schedule for when the fireworks would go up. The biggest one, part of the video I sent you, is called Phoenix haha it was amazing. They do this dramatic countdown then the fireworks just go crazy and literally the entire sky is lit up. I couldn't even see it all. I hope the video somewhat shows you what I mean. I am so happy I got to see it. It felt so good to watch. I'll try to descirbe it better when i get home. The only problem is now for the rest of my life, fireworks are not going to be as cool - haha I can't go down from the best. Even in America New York Fourth of July stuff is child's play compared to the Nagaoka ones - haha im excited to see Nacogdoches fireworks in the future though just to see how different it is - haha.
This is something you all want to read!!!! Yesterday while housing we saw this man cleaning his yard. It was pretty weedy so we asked to help him. He just looked at us so we asked again. He pointed to the yard so we started helping. As we asked questions and tried to get him to talk we realized he couldn't talk for some reason. He couldn't say a word. So about 20 minutes into it I felt really inspired to ask him about it. I walked up to him and asked "can you speak?" he shook his head no. I asked if he believed in God and stuff and he just gave me a look like "maybe". I told him that there was this man named Jesus Christ and He could heal people. I asked if he was able to speak would he believe in God then. He nodded - yes. So after about 20 more minutes and lots of prayers in my heart, we started asking about his hobbies and stuff. He barely replied with yes and no. Then we got further and further till the end and by the end he was speaking in 4-5 word sentences. We gave him a drink, a Book of Mormon, asked him to read from 3 Nephi 11 where Christ comes and starts performing miracles. He said yes and we took a picture with him. We are going back and this mans face went from dark and sad to pure happiness. He was able to speak!?!??!?!?!? God is real. I prayed so hard. I really have been trying so hard lately to get closer to God. I wanted to believe miracles could happen in the lives of people I care about and myself. After this experience I really know God will perform miracles and give us if we ask. Amazing experience. I had a good week. I am so excited to see you all. Have a great week and get ready cuz im coming home soon!!!!!!!!!:))))

Elder Proctor

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Our new friend who speaks now :)

My hometown Newspaper in Sanjo

Another good friend

At the Fireworks!!!
I'll just start this email by saying American fireworks are pathetic compared to Japanese. I guess I have only ever seen Nacogdoches fireworks, but on Saturday I saw the Sanjo fireworks and they were amazing!! I couldn't believe it. Today we are going to the Nagaoka fireworks which is the city south of us. They are the most famous fireworks in Japan and close to a million people come to see them. I am excited. I'll send pictures and tell you about it in a month - haha.
This week was pretty good. One day we had interviews in Nagaoka and district meeting in Niigata. Those are north and south of us so we spent a whole day on the train. We decided to try to give out as many copies of the Book of Mormon as possible. I was able to give out three to three awesome guys. They were all my age and I talked with them all for like 30 minutes each. I took pictures with them too - haha and they all thought that it was cool that I was a missionary. I told them about how the Book of Mormon changed my life and stuff and they took it. Wooh!
On Wednesday it was pretty cool. We went way up to the middle of nowhere where I thought it would be good. We found one lady who really wanted to know how to help her family, we will refer her to the Sisters, and then, after that we housed and these people gave us water, fanned us, and gave us fruit - haha, we were pretty hot. It is so hot!!!! I'm wearing a shirt and tie too. It's nothing compared to the Texas heat though. We win haha.
Yesterday was obviously my last fast and testimony meeting for Sunday as a missionary in Japan. I bore my testimony and, well yeah, the tears were flowing. I first talked about everyone needing to just find the one person ready to hear the Gospel. Don't stress about all the thousands. Just go one at a time. Then I testified of Christ and how He has helped me. That's where I started crying. He really has helped me and really is always there for you. You can always rely on Him.  Sanjo is small and everyone in the room was crying during the whole thing. I talked about how thankful I am for Japan and all the people. I really gained my testimony here, so although I am so excited to see you all again, I am going to be so sad to leave this place that really has changed me.
Because of serving as a missionary in Japan, I know that I want to follow God for the rest of my life. I want to be a husband and father, but I wanted that before. Now I just want to serve my family and be a serving husband and father. Missions are what every young man needs. I love you all so much. You are all so great and have changed my life. I can't wait to see you. I actually am pretty homesick right now - haha even though im so close, I just miss you all so bad!! I can't wait to hug you all at the airport but I still have August. I'm going to keep doing my best. Thank you all so much. I am so lucky to have you. Have a great week!!!!!!

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Middle School Friends - They wanted to practice their English on us.

Family visiting Sanjo - Dad served his mission there 20 years ago.

Too. Much. Meat.

Good friend in Sanjo


Train friend ... notice he has a book :)

Another new friend met on the train

Bike's from Outer Darkness!
Missions are crazy!! So to describe last week I will use two words, broke and explosion. After emailing on Pday I put air in my tires for the first time in a long time but I did it at a bike shop with really good pumps instead of missionary pumps that take 30 minutes to work. So I over inflated my tires and as I  was riding. . . it exploded like a cannon. It was so bad - I walked my bike for 30 minutes to the bike shop, and the tire was also blown through. the bike guy said just try it with the messed up tire since you are going home soon so I did and five minutes later it got a puncture. So I didn't want to pay 40$ for a new tire, so I borrowed a returning missionary's bike for the next six weeks. Well, he is shorter than me, I raised the seat too high, and as I was riding - the seat bent the metal and his bike is now useless. I tried to use it for two days as a low rider seat, but it just made my legs hurt sooooo bad. So I paid to get my regular bike fixed. Sorry dad.  Then Elder Cowden went down a slope yesterday, hit the end hard, and his seat bent. So four bike problems later we made it through the week. What an awful bike week we weren't able to meet with a bunch of investigators this week.
It's super hot now too. Oh my gosh, the fan is my new best friend. I love it. I get home every night and just . . . am dead. It makes it easy to sleep though. It really is so hot but I am trying my best. We mad a couple of new friends this week and are just trying to get things going. I am enjoying my time in Japan as best I can. I love the people and try to talk to them all!!

This week is my last Japanese testimony meeting. I will bare my testimony probably about Romans 8:28. All will work together for those who serve God. I know it is true. At the end of my mission all
the people I love are still there. Hannah, parents, brothers and sister, Reinens, all the people I love. Missions are great. I love you all and have  a good week!!!
Elder Proctor

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No seat = sore legs

Neat Shrine

Very Hot in Sanjo

Last Transfer!

So today is  the beginning of the last transfer. I got my transfer and I will be staying in Sanjo with Elder Cowden for my last one. We have found a lot of good people and I am excited to give it my best for my last one. I'll try to tell a couple of good stories, then one spiritual thing. I translated for zone meeting again this week. It went a lot better although the old people I do it for sometimes start talking to me in the middle of it and it makes it super hard. I am like, "I am not the one talking to you! Stop. Turn around!!" haha I dont say that but I think it. It's fun although very humbling.
I had a funny experience. I was in the restroom at a convenience store and someone banged on the door. I knew it was a couple of middle schoolers cuz i could hear them. So I was excited to step out and it be me that steps out - haha so I did and they started freakinig out. They said, "Hey, I have seen that guy at the train station." in japanese not thinking I understood. I replied, "Yeah, I go there a lot." And they were like," ahhhh!!!" Then they started saying more and I started responding and it just got funnier and funnier. It turned into all of them taking a flyer for English class. That experience of people talking about you thinking you don't understand is rare, but super funny when it happens.
The sister's investigators name is C**** and we found her about a month ago. Sisters teach ladies we teach men so we referred her. She is now getting baptized next month!! On the 22nd. Her prayers for her soon were answered when she had a problem at shcool so now she wants to be baptized. Isn't that awesome!!! I was so happy. So she'll be baptized right before I leave.
Also, a guy we found a month ago is now an investigator cuz he has read a 100 pages of the Book of Mormon. WOoH!! Things went really well this week misisonary work wise. I enjoyed it. Now that I am at the end of my misison, I  realized this. I found this quote.
"Don’t give up what you most want in life for something you think you want now." 
At the beginning of my mission, I was struggling. Thinking I didn't want to serve God, wanted to give up, and take the "easy" route. I realize now though that what I wanted then and now is to serve God. I want to finish my mission, get married in the temple, have a family. I know what I want. I love you all and this is my last stretch. keep praying and I'll see you soon. Missions are hard, but in the end, the best thing you can do if you are 18 years old and have a desire is serve the Lord and never stop doing it. I love you!! have a great week!!!!!!
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Great Ward Family

Good Friend in Sanjo

New Friends in Sanjo

Soooo Japanesey (love the Crane)

The Spirit
So, I will be honest. The week until Friday was super hard. I have learned that misisons can get super stressful at the end. But on Friday I studied faith. Then I decided to fast on Saturday. I didn't know that our zone was fasting on Sunday too, so I ended up fasting for a super long time - haha. I learned a lot though - I had a lot of questions on my mind and really sought after God's will for me and my family. It was an amazing experience. I received so much personal revelation that really turned my life around. I feel so excited to see you all. I learned this week that sometimes we have to be brought our knees before God answers us. I was brought to my knees, and really prayed harder than ever. I then talked with my new mission President and he gave me pretty much the exact same advice. I took that as a hint from God that what I felt during my fasting was what God wanted for me. I really can testify that through fasting and prayer, we can find out what we are supposed to do in our lives. I know God is real.

So I have some interesting stories I'll try to type real quick. I went on a split with my workout crazy zone leaders and they got me going good. I am going super hard these last couple of weeks on workout. I love it - haha. I actually stopped eating chocolate and stuff:P don't worry, if you sent me some I'll eat it, but I just stopped buying it for my self. Fun split.
I also went to a mountain and cut down bamboo for our ward Nagashi women party. It's where you cut the bamboo in half and then send noodles flying down it with water and then everybody grabs them with chopsticks. I have videos ill show you soon:) I have pictures I'll send you today.
Our investigator K** is going to talk with his parents this week about being baptized. I hope it goes well. Please pray that it does. I am trying to go strong. I love the Gospel and if you make God your base, you will not FALL!!!!!
I Love you all so much and am so excited to see you all. You have no idea. I don't know how I'll speak when I get back. I'll figure it out - haha I am just so excited. Next monday is the beginning of my last transfer. Only 7 more weeks then my last week is just me packing and going to Tokyo, then leaving. I am going to go hard my last weeks. As best I can. I love you all so much. Have a great week and enjoy the pictures!! I have tons:)

Elder Proctor

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Bamboo Hauler

Noodle Trough we made with the Bamboo we harvested

Finally, some Basketball

Elder Tu'tu

Bamboo time

More bamboo


So this week was a better. I had a hard time on Wednesday. Just things - but was able to get it going. Pretty good week though. So we met President and Sister Nagano on Saturday. President Budge is gone! I miss him. He helped me so much. But president Nagano is awesome. It's cool having a Japanese President. I wonder if he will do my last interview in September in Japanese haha - I hope he does. They are really nice and during the little conference we had with them they really helped me out without even knowing. They said a lot of things I needed to hear. One was that one part of faith is being optimistic. I have had to be so optimistic in the last couple of weeks. It's been pretty hard honestly, but I realized that it is good that I am. I thought at first I was just being weak and ignoring harder things, but optimism is good I learned. So, towards my area, investigators, and anything else, I am just being as optimistic as possible. It was pretty cool
This week we taught a guy named Y****. He is pretty good. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on forgiveness and repentance because he has had a hard time at home with people. So, my companion and I testified super strongly of the need to repent and humble ourselves before God, and also forgive quickly. It was really good. He really lliked it and is feeling better.
WOOH! Today was cool too. We went to Nagaoka and on the way back I talked to a kid on the train. He was 19 and AWESOME! I told him about missing you guys which i almost never talk about to anyone. I told him though that family and loved ones are the most important thing in life. That they leave an influence on you and eternal families and stuff. He was super nice and said he wanted a family which most kids don't say and we exchanged numbers and the Book of Mormon!! wooh! I think God sent him to me though. He helped me more. I told him about how awesome you guys all were. He asked about me having a girlfriend and I said yes and he thought it was cool that Hannah and I are making it. pretty cool. So that kid really made an influence on me. He made me appreciate you guys and your efforts to help me a lot more.
To welcome the Naganos we did the HAKA. you know, the New Zealand one. We practiced and did it for real - haha our zone vision is FEAR NO MAN so that's why we did it. I was nervous at first but then did it and enjoyed it haha  I was screaming my head off. Nice to let off some built up emotion that you can never let out as a missionary - haha God is real. Don't doubt it. I have been praying a lot more towards the end of my mission. Just seeking God's guidance and stuff like that. He really does answer. I have gotten so many answers.. It is amazing. So pray and EXPECT the answer!! I love you all so much. Have a great week!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Haka Faces - lol

Hello all!
I'm going to make this email a little quicker this week. One really cool thing that happened is I gave out a lot of scriptures this week and worked pretty hard. We found a kid named K**** and he is looking like he has a lot of potential.
I want to talk about something that I finally realized about my mission last week though. Everyone knows Helaman 5:12 right. Build on the rock of your redeemer and all will be well. I really have learned that throughout my mission. There was a point last week where I had a really strong prayer. Obviously I am nearing the end of my mission. I was looking back and now I realized that I have built that foundation on Christ. With God's help, I can say nothing Satan throws at me will get me. No matter how hard he tries, I am based off of Christ. He cannot get me. It was a pretty cool experience to realize this.
In my second to last basketball game at that college in Tyler I played well. Towards the end when it was a tight game, I made an "and 1" on a fast break and I remember landing then yelling, "AND 1!!!!!!!!!" that was one of the coolest things I have ever felt. I felt so in control. I realized that I had the same feeling of in control and nothing can conquer me last week. I was praying and at one point I just literally was almost yelling, "SATAN! YOU LOSE!!! YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME!!!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!! I AM WITH GOD!!!" It was the most free and happy feeling to realize that " I am built on Christ and free from Satan." This all may sound kind of dumb but thats how I feel now. I rely have gone these two years and built my foundation and now Satan has lost control of me as I keep focused on Christ. I am on a sturdy base. I love you all so much. Please read Helaman 5:12 and apply it to your life. If you buld on Christ, you cannot fall. I love you all!!!!!!!!!

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Elder Cowdan and Me at night in Sanjo.
So, it actually only barely rained a tiny bit yesterday. We had no rain but it looks like you guys did!??!? that is crazy!  I can't believe that. That is cool about our waterpark we are getting - haha.  I am really interested to see how that turns out.
I am glad you all had a good experience at Nauvoo Youth Conference. I really hope you remember that. Even though I honestly didn't enjoy at all the one I went to at SFA when I was like 15, I remember the Spirit I felt while I was in the testimony meeting. It was one of the first times I felt the spirit strong. Remeber what you learned there. Read the Ensign from the last two months. There are two articles, "The Path to Palmyra," and "The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon." I think it will help you guys a lot. It really lets you know how true the story of the restoration is. Joseph Smith was not perfect. As with every other person other than Jesus Christ, there are black spots on our history, but if you really pray and study the role of the prophet Joseph Smith, and all the prophets, Moses, Abraham, Lehi, you really will learn that although imperfect, they are instruments in God's Hands.
Pretty cool story. When I was first in Snajo we housed an old guy and talked for awhile but he said he was good and didn't want to talk again. I have passed his house multiple times while here but one day when we had lots of time in the afternoon, as we passed and were waiting at a red light, I looked back and he was standing out of his house for 2 seconds then walked inside. We took that as a sign, talked to him, and now M**** is a new investigator wanting to listen to us to learn why there is evil and good and the world and how to become a better person. Cool to see God controls that. Also, we found 3 other people that took the Book of Mormon and accepted return vistis and are all becoming new investigators.
I was really praying we would find people because in the afternoon time here, there is no one. It's kind of hard compared when you are close to Tokyo and there are a billion people at all times to talk to. But we found these people and we are getting people to teach and I am enjoying my time here. It's weird being the old guy district leader over a bunch of young missionaries - haha.
One of the members yesterday was pretty funny. She came up to me and she said before I introduced my self in sacrament meeting, the whole time she was just thinking, "Wow, that Elder really looks like Elder Proctor." Pretty funny huh.
I got a present from Fumie. That was really nice. It had some nice American food in it. Tell her thanks for me. I love American food - haha I guess that's kind of how things are going. Just trying to do my best for the rest of my mission. I love being a missionary. I am really excited to see you all again though. I really have been feeling it. I really know the gospel blesses families. Have a great week. I love you!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Nice new friend investigating the church that I talked about.

Good Sanjo Restaurant

Another new friend for Church

Huge Japanese Spider - almost as large as my fist!!!!