I had a great last week!!!! I gave my talk yesterday. It went really well. I enjoyed giving it. The first two speakers were youths, who became emotional and started to weep - and I really felt the Spirit. Then a recent convert spoke, who also wept for ten minutes straight. Then I stood up, final speaker with 25 minutes to fill, and said my only goal for the talk was to not cry. It was pretty funny. I didn't cry though and it went great. I got off some good ideas about sacrifice and service. I always felt like I was sacrificing time with all of you, school, etc for my misison. But if you read the scriptures it says Christ requires a sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. So I realized, although as a missionary you consecrate and give up your family, friends, etc to the lord, you don't sacrifice it. He doesn't want you to. He wants our hearts. So, really, I feel I have accomplished that in my misison. Not perfect but did it well I think. My heart really is for God. I really love Matthew 25:40. Serving others is serving Christ. I really developed a love for serving others. It translated into me having a deep relationship with Christ. I really know He is there meaning He oculd be right next to us at any moment. He is alive. He is not just an idea. I know He is there. I really just love service. Focusing on others is the key to happiness. I am really going to keep that going at home. As a missionary you are in the environment to do it, but when you go home there are so many temptations to stop. I really dont want to stop so, I am going to keep that focus on others.

Last week I got to see sumo wrestlers for the first time. Just as chubby and big as you would expect hah. It was cool. Today we hiked the mountain as a district. It was fun although my legs are still shaking - haha, it was super cloudy though so I didnt see much. It is so cool to see all of the Shinto shrines. I can't wait to tell you more about them when I get home.

My bike didn't make it. The gear shifter exploded on Saturday. I just stood there for a minute and was like, "You couldn't make it four more days?" haha - its ok though even if the bike wimped out at the end. It was a good time with my bike. I'll miss it - haha (not really). I am excited for driving a car.

Yeah, so I love Japan so much. It was here that I learned what was important in life and where I was able to develop a deep relationship with God. It was with these people that I learned that Christ really can help us. I will always be thankful and love Japan and even more, the Japanese people. You all should come here someday. It is full of the most polite and nice people on the planet. I have a lot of their mannerisms I think so you guys are probably going to get a kick out of that - haha, you'll have to help me. I'm going to ball my eyes out when I leave, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited to see all of you. I really am!! You have no idea. You think  you are excited, try being the one away from everyone for two years - haha, I am so excited.  I can't wait to see you in Houston. My two trainees are training this transfer. I'm happy. My line will continue in the mission - haha, I love Tokyo Japan. I'll explain more to you on Friday but for now, I just want you to know I have loved being a missionary, I'm not stopping, I'm keeping my focus on God and family for the rest of my life. I love you all. See you Friday!!!!!

Love, Elder Proctor

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Fashion Dude in Japan


A good friend in Sanjo

Going to the Mountian

This Sanjo member really likes hats, so he got the Texas one!
(he really was happy to get it, he always looks like that - lol)

We got to help cook at a Ramen restaurant

Sanjo Ward Family 2013 when I first was in Sanjo

Same family 2 years later, since I was assigned to finish my mission where I started!