Hey guys!!!!

Alright so we had another good week. Everyone is slowly but surely progressing. With all the missionaries combined in Kisarazu we had 8 people at church! wooh! 2 were two random high school guys who just liked gaijin (foreigners) but oh well haha. They liked it and hopefully they'll keep coming, haha. Our Eikaiwa (English) class exploded this week and we actually had young people!?!? We usually have like 10 people aged 40 and over who are pretty much fluent, but we finally got a variety. I'm excited. On the 11th of May we have a big Sunday planned and all of our zone and the stake are trying to get everyone to church on that day. We are excited because everything is picking up now so we think we can bring lots of people! We met a guy from Wisconsin named J-- haha. He teaches English and we ate with him. He isn't investigating yet but he really liked and respected us. He is 33 and it was weird becasue he is like the first gaijin (foreigner) I have talked to other than missionaries for months - haha. It was weird.
Pretty funny story, we were talking about how one of our investigators is struggling with the thought of the apostasy. He really is trying to understand the organization of Christ's church and we are helping him read the Bible and the Book of Mormon so he can find that we have the true church again. But anyways, Elder Nukaya was explainging this to our branch president and one of the words for human is "ningen", and he wanted to say "human's church" as compared to "God's Church". Well the word for carrot is "ninjin", and he said that our investigator thinks all churches are carrots churches haha. It was pretty funny.
We have basketball planned for 3 hours today!! YES!!! We expect about 15 or 20 people. It is so awesome that I am finally getting to play and even better, that we have tons of people being introduced to the church because of it!! I-- is getting close. He finally said this week that he will be baptized someday. It is so funny that some of the members don't even realize he is not baptized yet haha But he is doing great. Also we have others we are teaching that are progressing. Things are picking up in Kisarazu.

I love you all so much. I loved your email dad and mom. Those were awesome and it always makes me happy and laugh seeing your personalities.  I love you all so much. You are awesome!!!!

Elder Proctor
Basketball . . . Japanese Style!!

We got a piece of Bamboo from a friend - he says you eat it. I don't think so.

Finally, my Japanese Grammar Book!!  -  Thanks Dad!

April Package - oh yeah. . . score!

An Eikaiwa (English) Student and Friend of ours.
Hey everyone!!
This last week was a pretty interesting week. So at Eikaiwa (English Class) we did an American food party. The other Elders went to Costco on pday and bought American things. When we were telling people about it we were talking to a group of kids once. I was explaining it to them and I was like yeah, we are having American food. They were kind of confused for a second the one girl said "like, junk food?" It was hilarious. That was literally her image of our food haha. We also found the son of a preacher here, he is Nihonjin, (Japanese) and his name we got his number but haven't been able to contact him but keep trying.
When Elder larm and I were at the church hours before the party, some lady and her daughter walked in. they wanted to do Eikaiwa. I told them about the party that night and the 7 year old seemed really excited. When they got to the party that night the little girl gave me a note, it was written in all hiragana, (Japanese Character Writing) and it said, thanks for inviting me to the party Purokutaa Sensei. I almost cried it was the  cutest thing ever. She calls me Proctor Sensei haha its awesome. The Eikaiwa party was hilarious because we had to teach everyone how to fix up their burger. They didn't know how and the whole time they were just like, woah, huh, wow haha.
I also was assigned last Sunday to give talk so yesterday I gave it. I had a week haha. My third talk in Kisarazu. It went way better than my other ones though and I talked about inviting people to church. Being district leader is way busy, but I enjoy the challenge. I like being asked questions and its making me better too. I really like my new companion. He is awesome and is really helping me becasue I have to focus on the district now too. Its fun and me and him can speak Japanese to each other better too. It's really fun. We have N-- praying about baptism right now. He is doing great and is halfway through second Nephi. He read the scripture about our brothers being on the islees of the sea, Japan, and he really likes it. K-- is doing well. He is reading and praying we just need him to come to church. I-- was given to us by the other Elders and he is just as crazy as always. He comes to the church more than members but isn't baptized. We are trying to get him to just do it already though haha.
Yesterday we committed a less active to paying tithing for the first time. We watched the Easter video too, they have it in Japanese, wooh! and i cried for the first time in a lesson. I just watched that video and seeing it in Japanese saying that He died and was resurrected for all of them too made me cry. It was a very spiritual moment.

Christ is our Savior and don't you doubt it. I love your emails and I am so proud of all of you. I love you so much!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get your present!! I sent Hannah a package and some of the candy in it is for you guys too so make sure she doesn't eat it all haha.

This was the extent of our Easter Celebration :)
The Ward gave us a couple of hard boiled eggs - Sweet!!!

Elder Nukaya - Awesome missionary

Another friend

We taught this cool kid English for 3 weeks before his trip to the UK

Another great friend we are working with - a really nice guy.


Hello Everybody!!!

I got my transfer call! I'm staying and getting a new companion! He is full Nihonjin (Japanese)!!! But he is from Idaho and English is his language haha.  He is one transfer under me. I have also been given a mission leadership position as the District Leader! My first time so let's hope I dont mess this up haha.
We had another pretty good week! Our investigators are progressing. Last week I forgot two more stories. While we are on the trains in Tokyo there were these two ladies from Hawaii. They had suitcases and were rushed and we carried them for them. We told them about our church, in English!?! It's actually weird to do that because I'm not used to it haha but anyways, they knew Mormons in Hawaii and it went well. Then they gave us chocolate!! It was so good. Like 3 boxes of Hawaiian chocolate - Wooh haha.
There was also another guy and a lady who were just lost in the station. They were just standing there and had no clue what to do. We asked what they needed and told us and we talked to the train people and got them where they needed to be. They were so thankful. So moral of the story is, if you ever need to get anywhere and your out of town, "ask the missionaries" (Elder Nelson reference there), because they walk around all day and know where everything is haha.
So we taught an amazing lesson yesterday to K--. He brought his friend who is a preacher at another church to his house to talk to us too. So we were two American missionaries talking to two super old Japanese men haha. It went great though. K-- literally testified and taught the other guy the Restoration perfectly. He testified about how we walk the walk. It was so cool. K-- was saying how even though he feels like he hasn't gotten much help, me and Elder Larm have helped him a lot and he likes us. He also said the Book of Mormon is easy to understand. It was so awesome to see our investigator testify like that to another person. Its cool too because there are a couple of words for true in Japanese and I've been using "makoto" with K--, for no reason - I just realized I have. Come to find out yesterday his first name is M--!? So I've been saying this is his church and the true church haha. So cool to see that we are guided even though we don't know it. I usually don't use that word but I have been with him. Pray for him to come to church this week please!
N-- is also progressing well too and we are also teaching other people. General conference was amazing. They had different languages playing so I got to watch in English. It was amazing and I hope everyone listened to the spirit and found something they can improve!
This church is true I know it. Don't ever doubt that you are doing what is right. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are proud of all of you and I know the Holy Ghost will comfort you. I love you all!!!! We went to sushi again by the way. It's my favorite food by far. Can't wait to go here with all of you one day:)

Elders and friends

Goofing off with another friend

Our baptismal font - kinda shallow eh?

Japanese kids are adorable - High 5ing this little tike

Yes, I ate 15 plates and it was gooooooood - Arigatō

Hello Everyone!!!!
A lot of stuff happened this week. This is going to be unorganized, just random things,  I have made notes to write about so bear with me. I'm just going to list off all the things that happened. On Sunday during fast and testimony meeting it was really cool. One of the kids in the ward got up and bore his testimony and said he wants to be a missionary and say hi to everyone at church and teach people and be like us. It was so cool.
We are teaching a guy named N--. He is awesome and is keeping all of the commitments as of now:) After one of his lessons we had our weekly ping pong night. We ran out of balls so we went to buy new ones at this sports store. There was a picture of Yu Darvish on a poster and I was like, "hey I'm from Texas" to the salesman. A minute later he came up to me and gave me a poster for free that came in just the other day:) haha it says "honmono wa honmono wo erabu" on one side. That means "the real thing chooses the real thing". It's pretty cool haha.
We also are still meeting with K--. He has had a super hard life. We actually went and played tennis with him. It was hilarious. We went to this nice retirement country club, and he. . . . schooled us haha. He was literally like as good as Hannah. He was so good at tennis. I felt like I was in a movie too where the two young boys get lessons from the old master Japanese tennis sensei haha. He put on like he wasn't that good and then he went on to make us run all around the court and smash the ball in our faces as he taught us haha. He is doing well just have to help him gain more faith.
We found another guy this week. M--. He is keeping all of the commitments now too and he is progressing very well. We found while looking at the Sakura (The cherry blossoms.) They bloom once a year for a week haha. So it was good Dendo (missionary finding) for us because we just walked around the river where they are and walked up to people and said "this is our first time seeing them!" And it worked every time being able to talk to people haha. We also met with S-- and S-- and ate but still trying to help them do church stuff. They are so nice though. They are a miracle. I think a highlight for this week was playing basketball for the first time since getting to Japan!!!!!! FINALLY!!! We got a referral from the mission headquarters for a guy who liked basketball. I called him and we played this week. He was good!! He is good and shoots 3s like crazy. It was fun too because we got to play on an international boundary court with the international ball. He said he wasn't used to playing with tall people haha. He said I was a Japanese power forward haha but I'm a shooting guard haha it was cool and it should be a weekly thing now. It was funny too becasue to play you have to reserve a time at the gym and we didn't know that. So we got there and there were high schoolers playing. But, us being gaijin (foreigners) they were more than willing to let us have half the court haha it was funny when we opened the door and everyone is just like "what??" So confused that we were there haha.
Also today was great at the temple. I learned that I love the Japanese people so much. They are awesome. I love Japanese. I was getting really ready eyed when I realized how much I want to help them. We also went to a trick art museum after and I'll send pictures. We road on rainbow bridge on the way there today. Wooh haha also saw a giant robot thing. I'll send pictures. Another good thing I learned was I need this work more than it needs me. I will be forever grateful for what the mission is. Heavenly Father really helps us grow. This was one of my best weeks. We did little to no finding, taught lessons, and played basketball haha. Our investigators are doing well. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I love you all so much and I want you to know that I know that this Gospel is true.
Sometimes life is tough but having the Gospel makes everything possible. Prayer and scripture study work. Do it! I get to watch conference this week, I cant wait. I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy the present I sent. I love you!!!

Soccer Fun!

Me and my Companion

Japanese toddler --- so dang cute!!!

My Free Poster :)

We are the two specks under the robot's feet.

Ahhhh - This is why missionaries are not allowed to swim in the ocean.

Our good friends taking us to lunch!

Missionaries come here so often in Tokyo on Temple P-days that they give us a discount!!!
Great Mexican food while in Japan.


Hey everyone!!

I had a pretty good week. I forgot to tell you about my talk last week. It went way better this time. I organized it on my ipad way better and I didn't get lost so it went smoothly, haha.
Also last Sunday we were teaching a less active and Elder Larm was explaining how we all get to make choices on earth and that's why we came here. Well one of the words for "choose" is also "do laundry" so the way he said it sounded like "laundry". It was so funny because he said, "we came to earth to do laundry" - I bet mom would agree - haha.
We are also getting a new apartment finally this week. This one is way too small and yea, it has a huge roof leak. So happy we are getting out of here haha. By the way. I knew next week should be fast and testimony meeting. Could you please tell the ward how thankful I am for them. I was thinking about it and I really love all the people there. Tell them to always hold strong to whatever testimony they have and pray and read. The basic stuff will keep them happy. I'm also super proud of Chrissy's friend. tell her she is doing exactly what God wants her too. Good job!!
Also a cool experience we are in right now. We met a guy named K--. He didn't answer again for like two weeks but Elder Larm felt like we should call him one morning so we did. He finally answered and we ended up teaching him. It is so sad. 20 years ago when his daughter was 8 he separated from his wife and the wife got the daughter. he literally hasn't been able to see her. He showed us all of his pictures of his daughter and he said he just wants to go back. I was tearing up. He has been praying to Heavenly Father in Christ's name for 20 years. Perfect prayer. He prays just like us. We invited him to church and he should come this next Sunday and is learning now. So amazing that we found him. We are also teaching a guy who is 33. He is from a ward member and at first I thought he had a mental illness but he doesn't. He understands perfectly. He said he was made fun of so much when he was younger and now that he came to an activity at church he feels light and is happy and wants to come everyday. his name is N--.

I love you all so much. I love you I am so proud of you all. I'm fine right now, my shoes are fine but the soles are shaped really funny now, haha they are fine though.

Love you!!

Elder Proctor
Our good friend who has a member daughter living in Tyler.
My parents sent me the Texas Flag Tie to give to him. - He Loves It!

Our good friends taking us to lunch
Boy am I glad I saw him with his Longhorns hat :)

An interesting Shrine in Kisarazu

Overlooking Kisarazu while on a bridge

Another new friend who took us up on this monument overlooking Kisarazu