My final week on my mission in Tokyo:

So now I am heading into my last normal week. I am really excited. We have a lot of stuff planned and I have two splits so the week should fly by. Last week went by so fast. I had a good time talking to people. I am just trying to make the most out of everyday. So, yesterday was good and sad. We had three investigators at church. Shibukawa, the guy who couldn't talk, came!!!!! we picked him up with a member and he was so happy. We have taught him about God and prayer and the time he talks most is in prayer. So he loved church, but the sad thing is this. When the member dorpped him off, his older sister got on to him and told us never to come back:( we can't talk to him now. I am going later this week to give him a shirt, but one day he'll get to hear the gospel. He loved it and I'm hoping he just comes to church by himself.
We also taked to Maruyama-san and it was sad. He told us his daughter also told him to stop talking to us. She is all he has so we have to stop. I almost cried. He really helped me so much in this last part of my mission. The end of my mission was a little bit tougher and I really think this funny humorous guy was just there for me. I really love him. I'm going to miss him. We taught one guy named Takashi. He said he was having a super hard time but then after we texted him it helped. He said he was about to give up on God and say He isn't real and won't help. I texted him about God loving him and will help. He finally came through and the other day I met him and he was so happy. I'll send pictures. he is a different person. Nice to help him in his life.
So some really good things and also not so good happened. I hate when people can't meet anymore!!! They don't even give us a chance to show what we are all about. Their family decides before even meeting us. Makes me mad but, oh well. There is a new video on the church website about the Sabbath Day. Watch it!! It is so good!!! Also, read your scriputres and pray!! If you are not doing it, it is wrong!! There is no excuse not to. Think about what matters in life. Always do your best to think about and worry about things that will affect you in the future. Your video games and lots of personal stuff will not affect you. Turn out to others and do things that will help others and make them happy which will in turn help you!!! Read Matthew 25:40. its one of my favorite scriptures now. I am giving my last talk on Sunday and will talk about sacrifice and service. I have really learned on my mission that serving is key to happines. If you are a millionaire or successful all by yourself, in the end, after accomplishing so much, it will be worth nothing if you have no one to enjoy with. Focus on others!!!! Forget yourself!! I am not perfect, but I have been really trying this. Do things for others and it turns into your happiness.
I love you all so much and I am so excited to see you in a short week and a half. Can't believe I am saying that.:)) I love you all and hope you have a good week!!!

Love, Elder Proctor
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