The Spirit
So, I will be honest. The week until Friday was super hard. I have learned that misisons can get super stressful at the end. But on Friday I studied faith. Then I decided to fast on Saturday. I didn't know that our zone was fasting on Sunday too, so I ended up fasting for a super long time - haha. I learned a lot though - I had a lot of questions on my mind and really sought after God's will for me and my family. It was an amazing experience. I received so much personal revelation that really turned my life around. I feel so excited to see you all. I learned this week that sometimes we have to be brought our knees before God answers us. I was brought to my knees, and really prayed harder than ever. I then talked with my new mission President and he gave me pretty much the exact same advice. I took that as a hint from God that what I felt during my fasting was what God wanted for me. I really can testify that through fasting and prayer, we can find out what we are supposed to do in our lives. I know God is real.

So I have some interesting stories I'll try to type real quick. I went on a split with my workout crazy zone leaders and they got me going good. I am going super hard these last couple of weeks on workout. I love it - haha. I actually stopped eating chocolate and stuff:P don't worry, if you sent me some I'll eat it, but I just stopped buying it for my self. Fun split.
I also went to a mountain and cut down bamboo for our ward Nagashi women party. It's where you cut the bamboo in half and then send noodles flying down it with water and then everybody grabs them with chopsticks. I have videos ill show you soon:) I have pictures I'll send you today.
Our investigator K** is going to talk with his parents this week about being baptized. I hope it goes well. Please pray that it does. I am trying to go strong. I love the Gospel and if you make God your base, you will not FALL!!!!!
I Love you all so much and am so excited to see you all. You have no idea. I don't know how I'll speak when I get back. I'll figure it out - haha I am just so excited. Next monday is the beginning of my last transfer. Only 7 more weeks then my last week is just me packing and going to Tokyo, then leaving. I am going to go hard my last weeks. As best I can. I love you all so much. Have a great week and enjoy the pictures!! I have tons:)

Elder Proctor

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Bamboo Hauler

Noodle Trough we made with the Bamboo we harvested

Finally, some Basketball

Elder Tu'tu

Bamboo time

More bamboo