So this week I had my last soccer game and basketball game.  I played a little baseball too for like 20 minutes.  Basketball was fun.  I have to say though.  Soccer has been the best.  Since all of us are about the same skill in soccer its fun.  We don't keep score in the MTC but in soccer its kind of hard not to know the score since its so low.  But we scored more goals than the other team every time:)  WE had to say by to one of our senseis.  Hatch Kyoudai.  (a "u" next to an "o" makes a long "ohh" sound by the way)  It was sad.  He was great and really humble.    Tonight we say by to our other two regular senseis.  Not looking forward to that.  Our whole district is probably going to cry but its ok haha.  We've grown really close to them because they teach us for 6 hours a day.  I cant wait to be fluent like them .
I had my last lesson with our practice investigator.  the Spirit was so strong.  We decided to just bear our testimony about Heavenly Father and Christ.  The Spirit was so strong.  It's going to be hard to leave my real kyudosha (investigators) in the field.  Japanese is awesome.  Everything really started clicking this week.  I got some help from the Nihonjin too.  They obviously can speak it a lot better haha.  They can tell me what sounds natural and give me tips.  So I've accepted the fact that I'm going to be clueless in Tokyo haha.  Its ok though.  I can teach and bear testimony so I know the Lord will use me.
My next post in a week will likely have pictures of my new trainer and my Mission President and his wife. I am exactly 14 hours in the future Texas time so if it is 8 in the morning in Texas, it is 10 in the evening in Japan.
Our MTC district - All Elders this round!


Kon'nichiwa Family and Friends!
This is my last official post from the MTC! My Japanese is coming along great although it is still very hard but I am picking it up.  I've done choir every week.  Its great.  I really feel the Spirit even though I cant sing to save my life haha.  I actually sing better in Japanese I think haha.   The Tuesday speaker was Dallin H. oaks.  It was amazing just knowing that he has the same calling as new testament apostles!!  It was awesome.  He just talked about the Atonement.  Nothing new that we don't know.  He is just called to tell people about it just like us missionaries.  HE is an apostle though and hearing him testify of Christ just lifted me up.  I cant wait to tell Japanese about Iesu Kirisuto no Aganai - Jesus Christ's Atonement. 
It was cool  the other day, a Asian Korean teacher was in our hallway.  I taught him so Japanese.  Kind of weird teaching Japanese to an Asian person haha.  I cant wait to teach English in Japan.  I guess in Japan all the churches have ping pong!?!?   so when I get back I'm going  to be pretty good at it haha.  Apparently the missionaries play that a lot.  We'll see I guess.  We did the Skype TRC again.  WE got the same lady.  It was cool because I improved so much since the last  time we talked so I was able to communicate with her a lot better.  The gift of tongues is so real.  It really is.  One of the elders in my room go a family on Skype and the most adorable Japanese 4 year old was there.  She made fun of the elders Japanese in this super high pitched voice.  Our lady told us in Tokyo there was a typhoon.  THat was sad and we prayed for them.  We don't know anything that is going on outside of the MTC.  I realized it after that.  Literally nothing.  It's ok though haha.  Thanks to all of you!!  When we practice teaching as random people I always use you as my characters.  So ill be Garrett-san, or Landon-san.  Then I try to incorporate your personality.  Pretty fun.  The Japanese word for role-play is mogi.  The other day I literally couldn't remember the English word.  I kept saying mogi and it took a minute to figure it out.  It was cool.
I love you all so much.  Keep praying and reading the scriptures.  It is so important.  My Japanese is improving but I'm just going to have get used to not understanding for awhile.  Native speakers are just so fast.  I can understand our teachers but the Japanese Missionaries is a little different story haha.  They are so cool though!  I love my senseis.  They all love Japanese.  tonight i get my Japanese nametag!!!! oh yeah, i think my name is going to be Purokutaa.  (Poorohkuutaa)  So funny because we all have been excited to find out what our new names will be haha.  Seriously, imagine wanting to know what your going to be called for 22 months haha.  Its exciting.  I love you all. 
Proctor Choro.
I met these two Japanese Elders this week, they are awesome!
Kon'nichiwa Family and Friends!
It is getting pretty close to being finished at the MTC and I am excited to get to Japan!  In one of our lessons it was cool.  We were talking about authority and my companion wanted to use an example.  Of all the examples in the world, he chose a police officer, how they have authority to give tickets.  Not just anyone can give you a ticket.  He didn't know how to say police officer and ticket and stuff though.  Pretty cool that i do because of Rosetta stone.  So we were both on the same page because of the Spirit and I was able to explain.  The Spirit is so real. 
I play soccer during gym.  Its fun.  I've scored 3 times haha.  MTC soccer.  Were pretty sure Tuesday president Monson will be speaking so I'm really excited for that.  Its being broadcast to every MTC so were 50% sure its him.  We got to Skype with someone in Japan.  it was awesome talking to them for 45 minutes in Japanese.  Japanese people are apparently hard to convert but once they are they are so faithful.  This lady was amazing that we talked too.  She said that she was a missionary's only baptism and now her entire family under her, she was old, are members.  Like 40 people.
I know this church is true.  Christ is our Savior.  My Japanese is really  getting better.  I'm getting a little worried though because when I listen to natives speak, I cant understand because it is so fast!!!!!!!!!! Ill just have to get used to it though.  I love you all.  So much.  I accidently told, in a lesson, that this practice investigator could become Christ instead of saying he could become more like Christ haha.  So funny.  I'm going to have lots of those moments though so I better get used to it.  I love your letters!!!  I love you all. 

Elder Mason Proctor
My Awesome Companion got me this Sweet Shirt!

New Sweater from my Mom, Thanks!
Utah is getting cold! It snowed a little on this mountain behind the MTC. I am glad mom and dad sent me sweaters. MTC life is doing great. I am really getting better at the language. We taught in this thing called TRC.  People volunteer for us to practice on.  We taught a lady named Nagano-san.  She said my pronunciation was great.  Its always so cool how in our lessons my Japanese is so much better.  I can't imagine how much better it will be in real lessons.  So we taught her then at the end I bore my testimony about Christ and how I knew that the church was true.  Held back tears, a common occurrence for me ha-ha, she afterwards told me how she really felt the Spirit.  That was cool.  The Nihonjin next door to us are cool.  We talk to them to practice.  We had a little challenge.  One of the elders in my room read in English as fast as he could so they couldn't understand.  Then the nihonjin elder read as fast as he could in nihongo.  It was so cool.  HE  was reading the Kanji and Hiragana so fast it was ridiculous.  Just like we read English. Experience I had yesterday.  While teaching one of our senseis, the senseis imitate someone they taught on their mission and we teach them and they act like them, the "investigators name is Man-san".  We were going to teach him about prayer but my mind kept blanking in the lesson.  It was frustrating me but then Man-san first asked what God was like.  We explained that He had a body and He is our Father.  After he had an image of God then I could easily speak of prayer and explain it like I am supposed to be able too.  It's cool how the Spirit will blank your mind for a reason.  I couldn't speak about prayer because the Spirit knew he needed to know about God's identity first.  Then the language came and I could teach about prayer. I cant wait for it to be real investigators.  Hope you're liking conference because I sure am. I leave for Japan and my first area in 3 more Mondays. I am excited but still miss everyone. Please keep me in your prayers as I feel it daily.
Ima no sayonara!
This is one of my "Senseis"

My Study Materials - Looks like Japanese to me.

MTC kara kon'nichiwa!
I had a cool experience this week, one of my senseis was trying to figure something out and walked up to me in the hall and we had a full conversation in Nihongo.  Obviously he said a lot more but when we were done and he walked off casually it hit me. "I just completely spoke Japanese?!?!?"  One of our leaders talked about how the MTC and missionaries is evidence of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  The church is the true church just by the evidence of the gift of tongues.  No where else in the world, except maybe the UN, will have this many people speaking different languages.  If you go to any LDS church lots of people are bilingual.  Its evidence of the truthfulness.  D and C 90:11.  Sorry that there's not much to say.  I sit in a classroom all day and listen to Japanese. That's what I do haha.  If you want to know what I'm doing just look at the picture of me in the box and there it is haha.  I go outside to study sometimes though.  Its cold!! Its nice though.  My jacket works perfectly.  Its so dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm about to have to buy more chap stick.  My face is dry and my hands have cuts in them just from cracking.  Its actually bled haha.  Tokyo's humidity will be a relief. Another thing that is cool is the Japanese people (Nihonjin).  They are only here for two weeks till they go to their missions in Nihon, but talking to them is good practice.  They are so good at English and we talked like kids in Nihongo.  They laugh but are helpful.

I'm studying a lot harder now.  I have a better study plan.  Its still stressful though because I wont be able to get it all done but it's ok.  Ill learn more in a week in Tokyo than I have here.  All the other languages are here for 6 weeks and I'm here for 9.  We need it though because in Japanese there is ZERO relation to English haha.  I know it will come though.  There's people in Tokyo who want to hear the Gospel and can be on their way to the same happiness we have.  Ai shite imasu!!!!!!!!
Studying in the cold Utah afternoon.

Here is one of the Japanese Elders - he's awesome and I need a haircut.
My District - Can you feel the Powa!?