Awesome Fireworks Display!!
So, the Nagaoka fireworks are the best thing in the world. They blew my expectations out the window. You know how you think something is going to be awesome, you have all these expectations, then the real thing happens and it's so much better than you expected, that's what this was. I thought it will be awesome and it honestly was so good I felt like I felt the Spirit at sometimes haha:P There was a million people there and all were sitting on the highway. We just sat there and then they had a schedule for when the fireworks would go up. The biggest one, part of the video I sent you, is called Phoenix haha it was amazing. They do this dramatic countdown then the fireworks just go crazy and literally the entire sky is lit up. I couldn't even see it all. I hope the video somewhat shows you what I mean. I am so happy I got to see it. It felt so good to watch. I'll try to descirbe it better when i get home. The only problem is now for the rest of my life, fireworks are not going to be as cool - haha I can't go down from the best. Even in America New York Fourth of July stuff is child's play compared to the Nagaoka ones - haha im excited to see Nacogdoches fireworks in the future though just to see how different it is - haha.
This is something you all want to read!!!! Yesterday while housing we saw this man cleaning his yard. It was pretty weedy so we asked to help him. He just looked at us so we asked again. He pointed to the yard so we started helping. As we asked questions and tried to get him to talk we realized he couldn't talk for some reason. He couldn't say a word. So about 20 minutes into it I felt really inspired to ask him about it. I walked up to him and asked "can you speak?" he shook his head no. I asked if he believed in God and stuff and he just gave me a look like "maybe". I told him that there was this man named Jesus Christ and He could heal people. I asked if he was able to speak would he believe in God then. He nodded - yes. So after about 20 more minutes and lots of prayers in my heart, we started asking about his hobbies and stuff. He barely replied with yes and no. Then we got further and further till the end and by the end he was speaking in 4-5 word sentences. We gave him a drink, a Book of Mormon, asked him to read from 3 Nephi 11 where Christ comes and starts performing miracles. He said yes and we took a picture with him. We are going back and this mans face went from dark and sad to pure happiness. He was able to speak!?!??!?!?!? God is real. I prayed so hard. I really have been trying so hard lately to get closer to God. I wanted to believe miracles could happen in the lives of people I care about and myself. After this experience I really know God will perform miracles and give us if we ask. Amazing experience. I had a good week. I am so excited to see you all. Have a great week and get ready cuz im coming home soon!!!!!!!!!:))))

Elder Proctor

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Our new friend who speaks now :)

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Another good friend

At the Fireworks!!!