I love you all so much and awesome news! S--, S--'s girlfriend, came to church again and S-- said he is coming for sure when his daughter comes! Wooh! Next week is also our last big Sunday before the transfer ends, next Monday is transfer calls, so pray for that! One guy we found a while back in the night time is now being taught. When we found him we thought he was Japanese but the other day we finally just decided to visit him again because we couldn't contact him this whole time, and  turns out he is Philipino haha. Speaks English. We had an awesome lesson with him an hopefully he keeps going.
Next we are still talking with I--. He is progressing a little bit more now. I also have been sick since last Thursday! I have had a cold.  I am finally feeling better though. It was miserable too because on Friday and Saturday I had to get up early for an exchange and then the next day even earlier to go to Tokyo for a conference. Elder Cook, one of the apostles, spoke. We got to shake his hand and everything. He was awesome and it was super special. His wife was really funny too and we sang in Japanese and English and she loved it. I learned a lot and I could definetly tell that Elder Cook really had something special about him. He really helps a lot. It is so amazing that they really are special witnesses of Christ. He said everyone would be blessed and especially our families:)
Yesterday I gave a blessing for the first time in Japanese. I did the first part of a healing blessing. It was amazing and felt the Spirit super strongly.

D&C 20:17-30  I found this scripture and I want you all to read it. Its super powerful and basically just outliens what we believe. I love it and don't you guys ever doubt that its true! I'm really enjoying Japanese. The people and the language.
I hope you are all doing alright. I love you all so much. Today we have basketball again and it has been getting bigger and bigger. It's going really well and now the branch since more investigators have been coming to church. The stake president said we might get more room in our little apartment building for the church. Wooh!

I love you all so much! So incredibly much!!

Have a nice week!!

Elder Proctor

Skype view from my end!!! Very fun to talk with y'all.

Me with Zone Leader - He leaves to go home to Australia next transfer

A good friend we met who has been coming to church - he is 83

Awesome Temple P-Day with my Companion

Cleaning out our old Apartment - 6 years of Elder's old leavin's - yuck!

Hey Everybody!

So here's what happened after seeing you guys after our Mother's Day Skype session. I got the package from you dad and for some reason I had to pay 50 bucks to get it?!?!?!? I was really frustrated. I asked the lady why it was so expensive and she said she didn't know. I'm so sorry:( Then the next day we found a guy named K--. He was in his yard. We talked in Japanese at first and then he broke out into English. He worked on an airline for 30 years and that's where he learned. He loves golf too.
We were pretty busy this week with packing and moving. It was not fun finding old missionary's junk from a billion years ago. (Ewww haha). But we did it and now we are in our new apartment. It is awesome! It's literally twice the size. It is in a duplex. So it's more like a small house. It has two floors. So much better. I have a normal closet now too haha. It's awesome to have room again.

We weren't able to meet with our investigators this week that much because of moving but we are still talking with them. Two of their birthdays have come and we celebrated that.

One more funny thing. Yesterday we went to Deiso, the Japanese version of dollar store but better, and found an investigator that we stopped seeing about a month ago. He is 78. I was 99% sure it was him so we timed it to where I was behind him at the counter. He saw me and turned around real quick to avoid me. I said his name but he ignored it. I was like, well, we will just talk to him outside but he was sneaky and as we were walking out, he walked back in. We waited outside and got the present we bought for our investigator all fixed up to stall time. We then just went inside and he saw us again. He ducked under the isle he was at. I walked over to the isle and he started waddling crawling around the isle to keep me from seeing him. He did this for a minute then ran out when he thought we didn't see him haha. We couldn't find him again but it was just funny having a 78 year old man run away from us like a 10 year old haha. There's no bad feelings, he just feels embarrassed. It was really funny.

I love you all so much. You all mean so much to me. I have the best family in the world and will always do my best for you guys. I love you!!

Elder Proctor

Elder Crockett and Me - We were in the MTC together
and met up at Tokyo Temple P-Day!!


Big Sunday was a success!!

13 people at church yesterday!!! It was awesome! Isn't that crazy! It was so cool. I have never seen anything like it and as a zone we had 36!! So awesome. Our goal now is to keep all of those awesome people coming!!

Our investigators are kind of at a plateau right now. Trying our best though. We are able to talk with them a lot though and it is really fun. I-- yesterday said that he knows our church is true. Just gotta figure out what he needs to help him have the desire to complete it haha

A couple of stories...

Last week there was a huge earthquake at night on Pday. I woke up and it was a crazy feeling. It was so crazy. It's my third earthquake but this one was huge. I was shaking. It was cool though haha. There was some ninja festival dance thing this week. It was amazing. I'll send pictures and I took videos. It was so cool. It honestly was just like Avatar haha. They were doing all the same things and yelling and it was just so cool. It made me really love the Japanese people even more! Their culture is so cool:) I'll send the pictures. They were all synchronized and swinging and punching and yelling and stuff.
Today is still basketball and I'm excited. We have been able to find a lot of new friends thru that. The other day it was really cool because there was some kids on the side of street. They were dribbling a basketball and about to go this park to play. We talked to them and played with them. It was just like the video of the missionaries in Henderson haha just Japanese version. The goal was about 3 or 4 inches short too so it made it really fun haha :P

I am so excited to talk to you all tomorrow. I am shaking right now haha all the other missionaries right now are talking haha. I like the way we are doing it though because we will get two days kind of haha. Please be ready with questions and everything . I will do my best to answer them all. I love you all so much and I cant wait to see each and everyone of you. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people in Japan are awesome. I honestly was choking back tears a little during the little festival. I really love them a lot and I know that God loves all of His children.

You guys are the greatest family in the world and I can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!!!!!!

Basketball Fellowshipping - My Favorite!!!

Parade in Kisarazu

Sunglasses at Night

Cool, fun couple we get to visit with often.

Kisarazu parade

Out on the town - doing good :)



Funny story. Our investigator I--, the eternal investigator, dyed his hair black with car paint! It was hilarious. I was dying laughing. He is a mechanic and dyed it. So ridiculous haha but he is doing better. He started reading the Gospel Principles manual and he says its easier to understand - haha, but we told him that the Book of Mormon is the source of all of that information and he is progressing better now. It is cool to see him learning and now praying more.
We went on a cool hike as a branch. it was in this really cool park an hour away and it was so fun. K-- the 22 year old basketball player friend came too. We are playing basketball again today by the way. He asked why we came on missions and I told him about eternal families and the Atonement. At the end he said, "totemo suteki" which is like, "wow that's way cool" haha. Today we are going to invite him to church.
Next week we have Big Sunday. The zone made it big sunday as a goal to get the most people to church. Our goal is 42. The ward is trying too. They are inviting everyone, so pray that Big Sunday works! We called one of our investigators by the term "brother" in a lesson and explained why and he almost cried and then called me his elder brother and elder nukaya a king haha.
K-- also has told me that when I get back, when he visits America he wants to go to a Houston Rockets game with me. It'll be fun. K-- is also doing well just got to get him to church!!! I love you all so much. I know that Christ lives and praying to Heavenly Father works. I love you all so much. I feel the Spirit when I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon so I know you guys will too!!!
Next week is Mothers Day!! I can't believe it already came. Please have questions written down and stuff and tissues ready haha. I am so excited to hear all of you. Ask whatever you want. Also tell me if there is anything specific Japanese you want to hear. I love you all so much. Have a nice week. I love you and am so nervous/excited!! haha

I love you!!

Nectar was kinda sweet.

Great Baller!

Needswork Baller!

Beautiful Park in Kisarazu - I Love Japan!!!!

Beautiful sweet flowers. Reminds me of someone :)