So, it actually only barely rained a tiny bit yesterday. We had no rain but it looks like you guys did!??!? that is crazy!  I can't believe that. That is cool about our waterpark we are getting - haha.  I am really interested to see how that turns out.
I am glad you all had a good experience at Nauvoo Youth Conference. I really hope you remember that. Even though I honestly didn't enjoy at all the one I went to at SFA when I was like 15, I remember the Spirit I felt while I was in the testimony meeting. It was one of the first times I felt the spirit strong. Remeber what you learned there. Read the Ensign from the last two months. There are two articles, "The Path to Palmyra," and "The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon." I think it will help you guys a lot. It really lets you know how true the story of the restoration is. Joseph Smith was not perfect. As with every other person other than Jesus Christ, there are black spots on our history, but if you really pray and study the role of the prophet Joseph Smith, and all the prophets, Moses, Abraham, Lehi, you really will learn that although imperfect, they are instruments in God's Hands.
Pretty cool story. When I was first in Snajo we housed an old guy and talked for awhile but he said he was good and didn't want to talk again. I have passed his house multiple times while here but one day when we had lots of time in the afternoon, as we passed and were waiting at a red light, I looked back and he was standing out of his house for 2 seconds then walked inside. We took that as a sign, talked to him, and now M**** is a new investigator wanting to listen to us to learn why there is evil and good and the world and how to become a better person. Cool to see God controls that. Also, we found 3 other people that took the Book of Mormon and accepted return vistis and are all becoming new investigators.
I was really praying we would find people because in the afternoon time here, there is no one. It's kind of hard compared when you are close to Tokyo and there are a billion people at all times to talk to. But we found these people and we are getting people to teach and I am enjoying my time here. It's weird being the old guy district leader over a bunch of young missionaries - haha.
One of the members yesterday was pretty funny. She came up to me and she said before I introduced my self in sacrament meeting, the whole time she was just thinking, "Wow, that Elder really looks like Elder Proctor." Pretty funny huh.
I got a present from Fumie. That was really nice. It had some nice American food in it. Tell her thanks for me. I love American food - haha I guess that's kind of how things are going. Just trying to do my best for the rest of my mission. I love being a missionary. I am really excited to see you all again though. I really have been feeling it. I really know the gospel blesses families. Have a great week. I love you!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Nice new friend investigating the church that I talked about.

Good Sanjo Restaurant

Another new friend for Church

Huge Japanese Spider - almost as large as my fist!!!!

Sanjo! Again haha ‏

Yeah so I am back in Sanjō. We took a 5 hour bus drive up here and this is probably where I will end. IT was a really pretty drive. I'll send pictures. So, Sanjō is doing fine. It's not a branch anymore. It's a group. Even smaller. I am district leader and just trying to do my best. The whole Niigata stake isn't a stake. It's just called a "district" and there are two branches separated into a couple of groups. Really interesting. I got here and at first it was a little weird to be in the same place again. Old memories were coming and it was interesting, but I am doing well now I think. Y**** was a recent convert I talked with a lot while I as here last time but he passed away three weeks ago at age 33 or something(very tragic). There are new people here now though. We have been teaching some of them and it has been pretty fun.
It is a bit different being with a American companion. Elder T**** was Japanese, so I got really used to Kamagaya and it was my favorite so now I am trying to do my best to make here enjoyable too. It's smaller, but I am trying to just keep the same faith. It has been funny talking with members because we actually are talking - haha. I don't just ask their hobbies every week - haah. It has been pretty funny to see their reactions. Speaking of Japanese, yesterday at our zone conference I was asked to translate. I had no time to prepare, but I did my best. It was not enough I think - haha but I did good enough. It was fun, but humbling. I am not able to talk about medical stuff - haha the misison doctor did something and I basically just made up stuff and told them to be healthy people because I had no clue what he was saying in English. Pretty funny translating a conference. At times where you feel like you don't know what the speaker is trying to get across, or you dont know a wrod, you end up going on your own rant just to fill the space haha:P that's what happens when unprofessional missionaries translate I guess haha. I was doing it with about three others and we were all laughing when they were talking about an "ancient korean tribal healing remedy." The person doing translation at that time didn't say anything - haha.
It was also president and sister Budge's final meeting. They are done in 3 weeks. Back to the mother land. It was sad, last time I'll see them till, hopefully October;) but they just really are good people. They helped me so much. They cried and we did too. I also gave my final testimony like all the old missionaries do in their final zone conference. I can't believe I was doing it?!?! I am almost finished!!?!? I just talked about how missions are perfect for you and how they bless all your loved ones. I really am so thankful for my misison. I guess that was my week. I love you all so much and can't wait to see you!! I love you!!!!

Elder Proctor
Good Food

Niigata in the Background - Beautiful!!

Kamagaya Elders - Awesome guys!

President and Sister Budge - Wonderful!

Great friend

Another great friend


I didn't see that coming.... ‏

So, yeah, I am COMPLETELY shocked at my transfer call. I am going BACK to Sanjo!?!?! They called me back and my new companion will be Elder Cowden. He is transfer 5 I think. He actually  was trained by Elder Tsuchida. I am excited though. I honestly since last year have prayed every transfer, committing to follow God's will, but honestly in prayer asking for a specific thing. Up until now I had got it, Japanese companions and training and stuff, not transferring and stuff like that, but this time I really committed to follow God no matter what, and I know why I felt that way now. I really needed to be prepared to do something unexpected. So yeah, at least this time it won't be freezing - haha. I'm kind of bummed because this means I can't go to the Tokyo Temple again because Niigata is too far. Oh well. I'll go in the future. I am excited to go back. It will be weird because at first, I couldn't speak at all, so I was just the missionary who did what he could. Now, I actually can do it, so it will be cool to actually show the members who I am  and for them to see my personality. I am excited.
This past week we finally got into contact with S***** again. He is still doing great. Trying to figure out his job, but said he can probably get some days off now. The boss wanted him to stay. I don't blame him. But S******'s goal is to be baptized before I go back to America, so he better go quick haha. I just wish I could see it but I can't if I am in Niigata. Oh well. I will just Skype in  I think.
M***** also fasted for the first time yesterday?!?! Can you believe that?!?! Someone who two months ago didn't believe in God AT ALL now went two meals without eating because he believes and wants to feel the Spirit more. Amazing. It really has shown be how important the Book of Mormon is. He is almost done with Second Nephi and it has changed him. The Book of Mormon is from God and testifies of Christ. It brings people to Christ. I have witnessed it. People with ZERO thoughts about Christ, have come to him in a short couple of months because of the Book of Mormon and the Bible together. It is true.
I feel good about my time in Kamagaya. I fulfilled what I was sent here to do. I was supposed to start this area and learn what it means to love the ward and love missionary work. I changed more here than anywhere else. I love missionary work. I am excited to take the new me to Sanjo. It'll be awesome to go to Sanjo with only two transfers left, instead of only two transfers behind me. I am ready. I am going to give it my all. The Hirano family invited us to dinner last night. It was good and they really love the word. Also, the members here love the missionaries so much, the closing prayer included the fact that we might transfer. A member prayed for us so specifically. It's amazing.
I love you all so much. Have a great week. I will be taking a bus all the way up to Niigata on Wednesday. Missions are crazy. I am transfer 15 of 16. Time flies.

Elder Proctor

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Great Friend at Church

1st Gatorade in almost 2 years - awesome!!!!

Eikiwa (English) Class

Ping Pong

Great new ward member!

Another kind Ward Member!

A good friend who came to Church for the first time.

Last week in Kamagaya :(

So, we had a pretty interesting week last week. We honestly didn't see much success as far as teaching people goes. It was pretty slow. It is very hot outside, and we were outside so...yeah. But, we did see a couple of cool things that I would like to share. I went on a split with Elder Crockett, he was in my MTC room. We handed out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon that day but one of them was super cool. We were planning on going to a place but then at the last second Elder Crocket said he felt like a different train station. So we went and then we handed out 3. One was cool. We were about to leave but felt we should maybe stay longer, so we turned the corner and there was a guy that looked like he was half English and Japanese. He was and we talked in English. We said hey! He said, " I know you guys." I was like, "Oh really?" He said, " Yeah, I dont need you. I am different. I am like the opposite stuff compared to you guys." I was like, "What does that mean?" He said, "I like killing and war." I said, "Really? Well...that is perfect because in this book called the Book of Mormon, there are tons of stories about war and stuff." So we stumped him there and he said, "sit down." So we did and then talked for an hour, stumping him at different points when he tried to be smart to us, and then by the end he took the book :). He had a kid with his girlfriend, things were tough, he had no job, and he said he thought about suicide. We talked to him and by the end he said he'd go check it out and took the book of mormon. He is in the other area so I don't know what is going on now, but it was so cool to be led to him and then we were able to break his hard heart. It was fun and I enjoyed it.
S***** is just trying to decide his job, nothing new there. M*** is progressing well, but we have to talk to his mom and baptism. We had a couple of fliers thrown back at us but... oh well. Just a good day of work I guess - haha. T****, the member, gave a talk and testified of the misisonaries and how he wanted to be one now. One of the biggest miracles of my mission. We ran into a guy housing and it was interesting. He said he believed in God because Evolution was a ridiculous theory for humans. He said why would ONLY humans be able to use fire to cook and make planes and progress so far and EVERYTHING else couldn't. He said that is evidence to him of human's higher potential. We are God's children. He was cool.
This is my last week in Kamagaya most likely so I am going to ask everyone I know to talk with us so we will probably have a pretty successful week. It is always funny how the last week of transfers are better as far as church attendance and stuff goes - haha.
Last thing. I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese and English this past week. Worked out well huh - haha good timing. I prayed about both and got the same confirmation. I really have been helped by the Book of Mormon. It has changed my life. I want to invite ALL of you to read it. If you have not read all of it straight through yet....then read it now!! Before I get back. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Kondo Family

Lots of Katanas on the wall.