So this week was a better. I had a hard time on Wednesday. Just things - but was able to get it going. Pretty good week though. So we met President and Sister Nagano on Saturday. President Budge is gone! I miss him. He helped me so much. But president Nagano is awesome. It's cool having a Japanese President. I wonder if he will do my last interview in September in Japanese haha - I hope he does. They are really nice and during the little conference we had with them they really helped me out without even knowing. They said a lot of things I needed to hear. One was that one part of faith is being optimistic. I have had to be so optimistic in the last couple of weeks. It's been pretty hard honestly, but I realized that it is good that I am. I thought at first I was just being weak and ignoring harder things, but optimism is good I learned. So, towards my area, investigators, and anything else, I am just being as optimistic as possible. It was pretty cool
This week we taught a guy named Y****. He is pretty good. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on forgiveness and repentance because he has had a hard time at home with people. So, my companion and I testified super strongly of the need to repent and humble ourselves before God, and also forgive quickly. It was really good. He really lliked it and is feeling better.
WOOH! Today was cool too. We went to Nagaoka and on the way back I talked to a kid on the train. He was 19 and AWESOME! I told him about missing you guys which i almost never talk about to anyone. I told him though that family and loved ones are the most important thing in life. That they leave an influence on you and eternal families and stuff. He was super nice and said he wanted a family which most kids don't say and we exchanged numbers and the Book of Mormon!! wooh! I think God sent him to me though. He helped me more. I told him about how awesome you guys all were. He asked about me having a girlfriend and I said yes and he thought it was cool that Hannah and I are making it. pretty cool. So that kid really made an influence on me. He made me appreciate you guys and your efforts to help me a lot more.
To welcome the Naganos we did the HAKA. you know, the New Zealand one. We practiced and did it for real - haha our zone vision is FEAR NO MAN so that's why we did it. I was nervous at first but then did it and enjoyed it haha  I was screaming my head off. Nice to let off some built up emotion that you can never let out as a missionary - haha God is real. Don't doubt it. I have been praying a lot more towards the end of my mission. Just seeking God's guidance and stuff like that. He really does answer. I have gotten so many answers.. It is amazing. So pray and EXPECT the answer!! I love you all so much. Have a great week!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Haka Faces - lol