Hello all!
I'm going to make this email a little quicker this week. One really cool thing that happened is I gave out a lot of scriptures this week and worked pretty hard. We found a kid named K**** and he is looking like he has a lot of potential.
I want to talk about something that I finally realized about my mission last week though. Everyone knows Helaman 5:12 right. Build on the rock of your redeemer and all will be well. I really have learned that throughout my mission. There was a point last week where I had a really strong prayer. Obviously I am nearing the end of my mission. I was looking back and now I realized that I have built that foundation on Christ. With God's help, I can say nothing Satan throws at me will get me. No matter how hard he tries, I am based off of Christ. He cannot get me. It was a pretty cool experience to realize this.
In my second to last basketball game at that college in Tyler I played well. Towards the end when it was a tight game, I made an "and 1" on a fast break and I remember landing then yelling, "AND 1!!!!!!!!!" that was one of the coolest things I have ever felt. I felt so in control. I realized that I had the same feeling of in control and nothing can conquer me last week. I was praying and at one point I just literally was almost yelling, "SATAN! YOU LOSE!!! YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME!!!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!! I AM WITH GOD!!!" It was the most free and happy feeling to realize that " I am built on Christ and free from Satan." This all may sound kind of dumb but thats how I feel now. I rely have gone these two years and built my foundation and now Satan has lost control of me as I keep focused on Christ. I am on a sturdy base. I love you all so much. Please read Helaman 5:12 and apply it to your life. If you buld on Christ, you cannot fall. I love you all!!!!!!!!!

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Elder Cowdan and Me at night in Sanjo.