Bike's from Outer Darkness!
Missions are crazy!! So to describe last week I will use two words, broke and explosion. After emailing on Pday I put air in my tires for the first time in a long time but I did it at a bike shop with really good pumps instead of missionary pumps that take 30 minutes to work. So I over inflated my tires and as I  was riding. . . it exploded like a cannon. It was so bad - I walked my bike for 30 minutes to the bike shop, and the tire was also blown through. the bike guy said just try it with the messed up tire since you are going home soon so I did and five minutes later it got a puncture. So I didn't want to pay 40$ for a new tire, so I borrowed a returning missionary's bike for the next six weeks. Well, he is shorter than me, I raised the seat too high, and as I was riding - the seat bent the metal and his bike is now useless. I tried to use it for two days as a low rider seat, but it just made my legs hurt sooooo bad. So I paid to get my regular bike fixed. Sorry dad.  Then Elder Cowden went down a slope yesterday, hit the end hard, and his seat bent. So four bike problems later we made it through the week. What an awful bike week we weren't able to meet with a bunch of investigators this week.
It's super hot now too. Oh my gosh, the fan is my new best friend. I love it. I get home every night and just . . . am dead. It makes it easy to sleep though. It really is so hot but I am trying my best. We mad a couple of new friends this week and are just trying to get things going. I am enjoying my time in Japan as best I can. I love the people and try to talk to them all!!

This week is my last Japanese testimony meeting. I will bare my testimony probably about Romans 8:28. All will work together for those who serve God. I know it is true. At the end of my mission all
the people I love are still there. Hannah, parents, brothers and sister, Reinens, all the people I love. Missions are great. I love you all and have  a good week!!!
Elder Proctor

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No seat = sore legs

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