Week 5 of my last transfer ‏
We had a good week last week. On Monday we taught an old investigator who we called and he said he would meet again. We met and now he is reading the Book of Mormon and doing well. Pretty cool. Something I haven't really talked about much is how awesome being at the end of my mission is - haha - there are some stresses that come at the end, but one thing that has been cool is Japanese. I really love it. I hope one of my siblings goes on a foreign language speaking mission. It really is so much fun to learn another language. Looking back at some of my old things that I wrote in Japanese are hilarious. It is so funny looking at the stuff I used to think was hard - haha - Japanese is still ridiculously hard - haha.  I love reading general conference talks about missoinary work and it always seems to have some reference about the Japanese language being hard. But it is possible. You really do learn what you need and just enjoy getting as much else as you can. I can't wait to continue learning it for the rest of my life.
I talked to a bunch of people on the trains this week going to a meeting. I'm going to miss trains. It's so easy to talk to people on them because they can't run...at all haha:P it always goes well. I gave out some copies of the Book of Mormon and had fun doing it. I also got assigned a talk for my last Sunday in two weeks! I am so happy they gave it to me. My topice is service and sacrifice. I'm happy.
We have been meeting with Maruyama and a couple of other poeople. The guy who was able to talk is doing alright. We will see him tonight. Just gotta get him to try things but hey, he is way happier and not lonely anymore. So cool to see how God works through us to help others. Elder Cowden and I are getting along well. Just doing our best. He really wants me to enjoy my last two full weeks. We have grown a lot together because we both have dealt with lots of challenges together these last two transfers.
I got my ticket and going away packet?!?!? It was a really weird feeling. I think it will set in on my last week when I get on the bus for Tokyo. It has been nice, I have been contacting people from my mission who live in Tokyo area and all of them want to see me before I leave. It really made me feel good. So, that last day all the people from Kamagay and Chiba like Shouta and Kenji and others will see me in Tokyo. It means a lot to me. I am doing my best. I love you all so much. The MTC teachers were right. Leaving from your mission is hard. It was super hard to leave you all., but it is also hard to leave your mission. I'm sure Taylor can explain. That said though, I really am excited to come home to you all. I love you all so much and don't take the hardness of leaving to mean I don't want to see you. I want to so bad - haha you have no idea. I found a cool quote:
"That is true. But before you make a decision against a mission, count your blessings, my dear friend. Think of all the great and marvelous things you have--your very life, your health, your parents, your home, the girl you love. Are they not all gifts from a generous Heavenly Father? Did you really earn them alone, independent of His blessing? No, the lives of all of us are in His hands. All of the precious things that are ours come from Him who is the giver of every good gift."
This was about a missoinary deciding to go on a misison or not. I faced the same things. But you guys were a big reason I went. Just like it says in that quote, there was a point in Utah where I prayed and thanked God for everything in my life. Because of all of you, I was able to do it. I love you all. I can't way to share everything with you in person in a couple of weeks. I got so many good stories! You have no idea:P   have a great week!!!!

New friend met on the train

Sign says "Danger" . . . Not sure why naked eyeball needed?

Sister Nagano, our Mission Mom

Departing Missionary Survey... wooo hooo

"Are you ready for some Ping Pong!" (sung like Hank Williams)