Hey everybody!!!!
I hope you had a fun week. This week was honestly kind of a slow week, we weren't able to get a hold of our investigators 'til Saturday but we did help the other Elders with their investigator who comes to every activity. He speaks English and is an interesting guy. He bore his testimony at our night sacrament meeting for people who can't come during the day. He came to the morning sacrament too haha. So he bore his testimony, started off with ladies and gentleman and he went on and on about "how are you guys so happy". He said it probably 20 times. He was speaking English and I finally just told the less active I was sitting with, he is saying the same thing over and over again - haha. It was funny. This same investigator while we were walking with him decided to Dendo (do missionary work with) a lady to show us he could be a missionary and guess what - the lady actually came with her son!?! So funny. Then he ended with, well that's it and started to walk off haha but someone told him to end in Christ's name haha. The other Elders said they might just have us start teaching him because he listens to me and Elder Larm better haha we will see.

That same less actives name is T--. We got to talk with him a lot this week. It was so cool because in his testimony he said he wants to take a picture with me and two other missionaries in Texas while eating steak. All the missionaries he likes are from Texas haha and in Japan they don't have real steak. Its a hamburger without a bun haha. He is reading the Books of Mormon everyday now and its awesome. He also took us to the monument and I'll send pictures. It was really cool.

We are also still talking with the guy who likes English, M-- on the phone. I try Japanese but he just likes English too much. Its funny too because sometimes I'll clarify in Japanese and he'll be like "oh now I get it" haha so funny. His wife is just kind of against it so we are working with that.
I got something funny. I realized I feel like a puppy sometimes. You know how dogs do not understand what we say but they know if they do the right thing at the right time they'll get a reward. Well at the beginning of my mission when I didn't understand anything, at the 7 eleven I would take a TV dinner to the counter. They heat it up for you but only if you say yes at the right time. I would wait 'til the exact moment and say "hai" and they'd heat it up and I'd get my treat haha I know what they ask now but I just thoughts you'd think that story was funny haha.
Another funny story: yesterday at the park while doing a soccer activity we were talking to two old ladies. Like 83 years old with the investigator I was talking about earlier. One of the old ladies, after talking about how young we were, stood up and grabbed and squished both of Elder Larm's biceps and sat down. It was hilarious and weird and glad it happened to him haha. We also found a vending machine that sold.....umbrellas, good ones!???!. so we bought them and took pictures haha.
I know that all of these people are God's children. I love the Japanese people so much. Jesus Christ is our Savior and please, please, please, pray every morning and night and all day. I promise you will find more happiness and peace. I love you all so much!!!!

Me and a new friend on top of a Kisarazu monument
Fun stuff!!!
Umbrellas from the Vending Machine
Japan has vending machines for everything!


皆さんこんにちは !!!!!!!
(hello everyone)

So after emailing last week we went to get my watch a new battery and the man was 85 years old!!! Isn't that crazy! He said he'd been working there doing the watches for 70 years. It was crazy. He was the watch master. His own words haha oh yea, I love the keyboard by the way. I pulled it out and was way impressed haha. Its awesome and it's the Japanese version. That's awesome!!!! Its perfect:) we went to have sushi and I love it!! It is my favorite Japanese food now. It is amazing. We also found 2 new investigators last week. One is a lonely old man who we housed into and we ended up talking to him for 2 and a half hours?! And last night we found a younger guy.
I got in a bike wreck the other night too! I didn't even fall but here's the story, its hilarious (sorta haha). We were eating dinner from 8:30 to 9 we had no time that day and at like 8:55 we realized we had no milk. We still had two days left and since it was our dinner time we could run to the 7 eleven and get some. It was 8:55 though and we were like< "nah no time". Then a minute later I was like, we can make it, so we strapped our helmets on and flew to the 7/11 right close to our apartment. On the way back at 8:58 on the COMPLETELY deserted road, an old man pulls out and I couldn't stop in time. He hit my back wheel and fell. I didn't even fall but I jumped off my bike to go see if he was ok. He got up and was fine but he said he was kinda weak. He got up and walked it off though, then he asked for my business card and I explained who we were. I didn't have my business cards and I told him that they were in our apartment but he kept asking because I think he thought I didn't understand. Keep in mind this was a bike crash. A simple one haha then he called his family and then the police. 5 police came. Oh my gosh haha. Then a lady police officer started drawing the scene. We talked with the police officers. It was cool because I was really worried I would have to pay something, but when we described how it happened, I described the events at it made sense and when the other man did, his version didn't so they knew that I was being truthful and it was fine. The other guy said he was coming from the other way but the officer was like, you couldn't have fallen on your left side from that way haha. So the police ended up really liking me. Then our bishop ended up coming and then we ended up at the police station so they could make copies of my passport. At the police station we became friends with the officer and he likes  missionaries now and was impressed with us. We got back at 12:01 and went to bed. It was ridiculous haha. All for a simple bike crash haha sorry if that didn't make sense, I didn't proofread but it was pretty funny. It was blown so out of proportion but now its fine haha. I wasn't hurt or anything so don't worry and yes I'll be more careful haha.
One of our investigators was in Disney Land all week and the other got sick so still kinda in the same spot with them. We are meeting with S-- again tomorrow though:) we were on our way to his house to give him the tie you sent and took a different road and he was there!? He said he didn't plan on walking there either haha so tomorrow we are meeting with him. We also helped the other elders do a 4 man lesson with this Japanese guy who is fluent in English. He won't focus with just them so we all did it and he now should get baptized next month haha.
I love these people. Even though sometimes they are a little startled by my "konnichiwas" haha they are so nice and just amazing people. Jesus Christ is our Savior and I know it. Heavenly Father answers prayers. I also know the Book of Mormon is true. Read it everyday please!!! Haha people always say they are busy but everyone can find time in everyday, don't let that excuse take you. Read the scriptures and pray and I know you will receive help. I love you all!!!

Sincerely with love,
Elder Proctor
We got this!! in Kisarazu

A "slight" sealing issue - lol

I have been meaning to get one of these....
(I have no idea what this stuff is, but it costs a lot)


We found a man named T--. We housed (tracted) into him and he believed in, "Mama Mary" but was up to hearing about the Book of Mormon.  He prays to Heavenly Father now though, haha. We went and taught him about the restoration and we showed him the baptism of Christ video and the restoration - Joseph Smith first vision. It was so cool because after the first vision I asked him if he thought it was true and in the most serious voice he was like probably and was nodding his head. He really liked the Atonement too. He has a wife and 2 kids I think and the best part is we committed him to being baptized!!! He actually said what time of the day haha. The funny part is Elder Larm didn't know haha. Halfway through and after I committed him to baptism Elder Larm said he was like "wait, did he just set a baptismal date??" He said he heard dates like March and stuff and he realized haha. He couldn't come to church this week so it'll have to be in April but we are still so excited. Haha so pray for T-- and his family!!!!
We also met a man named K--. He works at Disney land and he is hilarious. He said when foreigners come and they speak English at him he always just nods his head and says "no problem" haha so funny. He is a pretty cool miracle. We ended up explaining a little bit about the word of wisdom when we came back to visit him and he had already been keeping it haha. He said how tea and coffee and all the stuff in it are bitter. He said he would keep the word of  wisdom in the first meeting haha. He is doing the 30th anniversary for Disney land right now but this week we should be able to meet him more. We went on a 24 km bike ride this week to another one of our less actives phantom referrals haha. He always give us referrals, we visit them, and they say they have never heard of him. Then we ask him and he says yea don't use my name, oh my gosh haha. It was interesting and a workout though. I have another talk again. about friendship at the end of this month. My companion scared a kid too. We were really crammed at a doorstep and the kid opened the door and there was my companion in a huge coat towering over him.  The kid screamed and almost fell over haha. I jumped in and explained and we invited his family to Eikaiwa (English Class) haha.

I'm so proud of you all.  You guys are all doing so well it sounds like.  I've gotten missionaries my whole mission ask me how I get so any emails and how they are so long. they say their parents don't write that much. I'm so happy you guys do. The Gospel is true.  I know it.  I see it everyday.  I love you all so much!!!!

Reporting Sheet
I definitely have the gift of tongues as I can understand everything on this :)


おはいよございます!!!!(Good Morning)

Hey, I love you all so incredibly much!! I'm staying in Kisarazu for another 6 weeks and I'm finishing up training Elder Larm.  Nothing changed haha. One of the other elders is leaving though and his companion is going to train too so we will have 2 trainees in the apartment. So about 2 weeks ago we were trying to contact a referral in the neighboring city and we were walking down the street.  We passed this "church" and all these people came out and started talking to us.  I say church because this church is a combination of tons of religions. It's weird haha -  there were like 7 people talking at me. One guy spoke some English but honestly he really can't.  You can't understand him. His pronunciation is impossible to understand.  I taught the restoration to them though and after I got done saying the first vision the guy, in English' yelled "I believe that!" I was like - "good" haha we gave him a Morumon Sho (Book of Mormon) and just the other day he called us. He likes it.  He said it makes him happy.  The only problem is he refuses to speak Japanese!?!?! I try speaking Japanese to him but he just keeps trying English but he is impossible to understand haha. So after 45 minute phone calls he's petty much said the same thing a bunch of times haha. It's ok though.  He loves it.  He has called us probably 4 times a day the last 3 days wanting to talk about the Book of Mormon haha. It's awesome.  His name is M--. I never thought this would happen but I honestly want a person to speak Japanese instead of English so I can understanad them - haha.  Its pretty funny. He is a really nice man though so please pray for him! 
S-- is busy so we weren't able to doing anything but we did drop off candy at his house and treats. We also found a family yesterday that we will meet again on Wednesday:) It rained yesterday and my gloves are pretty much worthless haha so I almost lost my hand but it's ok haha it was pretty funny. The other we knocked on the door and this little girl answered and yelled, grandma, its people from America!!!! Haha little kids are so funny and I think one of my favorite things has to be hearing a Nihonjin (Japanese native) say "herro!!" And "see you!" In there completely Japanese accent haha I love the Japanese people. Mom, thanks for the Valentines letter. I got it but forgot to let you know. Tell Kimberly D. thanks too for her letter.
I would suggest you all watching the life of Christ bible videos on the LDS scripture app. They are amazing. They are ridiculously good quality. My favorite is "Jesus declares, I am the light of the world." Watch it!!! Also the baptism one is good too.  I read Alma 39:11 today.  Its the chapter where Corianton is getting advice from his dad.  Verse 11 says that because of Coriantons transgression people Alma was teaching wouldn't believe.  We neeed to always reember who we represent.  Always remember how you act what you say and your appearance because it means a lot. People will have their faith at first sometimes based on those things.  So always remember what you say, how you act, and your appearance.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!


プロクター長老  (Elder Proctor)
Just before leaving Sanjo - Still a bit cold - burrrrrrr

Getting Groceries on my sweet bike!