Great Week!
This week was so cool. We have a new investigator named S**** and he really is the definition of a perfect investigator. He is 20 and really good at soccer and really feels like when he puts a lot of effort into his games and does well that it is because God is watching over him. Pretty cool huh. So we taught him the restoration and committed him to pray about all the parts and he thinks it is true. Wooh! he came to church yesterday and he wore a super nice suit that was just like all the other members where. (In japan everyone wears a suit to church no matter what) So some members didn't even think he was an investigator!!!! Plus, Elder Tsuchida and I taught Gospel Principles and taught about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. S**** testified of feeling it?!?!?! What is that!? YES!! So he should be baptized this coming month.
We also met with K*** this past week and he is still praying hard and coming closer to Christ. His parents are protestant and don't want him to come to our church, but he is going to give them the pass along card for the new Easter video and try to invite them. He is awesome. We play ping pong and he plays tennis so when we play ping pong, we basically play it like mini tennis. It's funny to watch. The sisters investigator Y**** is also being baptized this Saturday!! She asked me to do it too! She is 83 and really funny old lady. She calls the missionaries "kids". I did her interview yesterday and it went really well. She is so funny. That was a hilarious and spiritual interview. She said she does not know how much longer she has left, so she wants God's help for the rest of her time on earth haha also, she talked to me over and over again about how much she respected us for coming to Japan, learning Japanese, and doing this. She really respects the missionaries. Please pray that her dunking in the font goes safely. I am kind of worried - haha she is pretty old and fragile. S*** will definitely be next.
My companion  is great. We are enjoying the work. Things are going well now. Thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!! I want everyone to watch the new easter video now! It is great. It just heps me realize how true the Resurrection is. Also, I love how the church is so directed by God. They sent us an email and said the homepage of Youtube on easter Sunday is going to be the new video. The Church is so cool haha I love it. Funny story also. A couple of weeks ago when I went to Costco there was a European lady who spoke english and she was a worker. When I ordered, she spoke English and it was the weirdest thing ever. It was 1 year and a half since I had ordered in English. Weird stuff haha.
I love yo uall so much. Enjoy conference! I will see it two weeks from now haha. Keep doing your best. I love you!!!!!!! Another cool thing is T**** is 75 or so and only after three months of reading the Book of Mormon, he said he believes in God and Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon changed a 75 year old japanese man to believe in Christ. The Book of Mormon really is from God. I love you all!!!

Love ,
Elder Proctor

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