I am not leaving!! Wooh! I am getting a new companion though. His name is.......Elder Tsuchida. Japanese!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! I am so happy. With a Japanese companion your Japanese language skills just skyrocket. I am so happy because now I will be able to understand better and work with the Japanese people better. I am so happy about it. Yes!!! I can't wait.
So, we had the goal for 8 people on Sunday and........it happened!! We had 6 non members and two random less actives we didn't even know. So it was awesome. The ward was on fire and really happy because they prayed for it to happen and it did. We got the 8!! We found one less active right before church when we went to the train station and tried to find an extra person. then, the greatest part of it all, T***, our first investigator came to church for the first time with his mom who is a member. He had an amazing experience and really learned a lot. I am so happy about that. He is now one of the most closet to baptism in the zone. He could be baptized by next month:)) Yes.
Two other random guys came to church because they saw our homepage?!?!? What! that never happens. So that was also a miracle that fulfilled our goal of 8. Yes!!! I really learned that if you set a high goal, it will happen if you work your hardest. We worked super hard too. It was funny because this is Elder Fountain's only area so we contacted all the peopel we knew in these past 3 months and we always said he was contacting everyone he has met in his mission - hhaa we did it though and it went great.
Something cool I thought you all would like is go on to Gospel Library app and do Japanese. Go under videos and listen to the ones that say for use for missionaries in Japan. It has lots of normal church Japanese and you could hear what we do everyday. I love you all so much. I am so happy to stay in Kamagaya. We have an appointment today with a new person. Wooh! Also, the ward is just great. They were so fired up and happy and didn't want any of us to transfer. I literally feel like this is my favorite ward because I finally know every one and feel like a part of it. Things are going great. I love you all, I have some good pictures I think, Have a great week!! Pray, work hard, and the miracles will follow!!!!

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