Another Awesome Week:

This was an awesome week. We were able to teach someone every single day this week. That is the first time for our area. I am so excited that we have made it to the point of an area that does that. Wooh! K*** is our Protestant friend. He has a Filipino mom and Japanese dad who are both Protestant. We played ping pong with K***, He is really good by the way. It is so boring when investigators are good at ping pong, but K*** and I go at it when we play, but then we taught him the restoration again. He said sometimes he prays and bad stuff happens but then he doesn't pray and good does. We told him about God knowing all. He said that in his classs he wanted his friend in his class but it didn't happen when he prayed. We told him he can probably focus better now and that really helped him realize that God is guiding him. We are going to meet his mom this week. Oh yeah! Wish us luck. We gotta get his mom on board for this to work.
We also have Y***. He is awesome. We met him tons of times this week. Yesterday we did a lesson with a member who leaves on his misison in 3 weeks. We watched the "Hope of God's light" video and talked about coming to know God little by little. Eventually we got around to where we turned off all the lights in the room we were in. Then, we turned them on one by one and said, as we give effort to turn the lights on, Light appaears. We said God is the same, you have to try and slowly step by step He comes. Y*** liked that then the member testified hard about himself learning about God. Then Y**** asked about Japanese people beliving in lots of Gods. I told him they arent completely wrong. In Japan they believe in their ancestors and Gods of trees and stuff. Our ancestors in the spirit world and angels and other existences like that, really are there, they just arent "God." we believe in a bunch of supernatural essences too, just they aren't God. It was so cool to see his eyes open and it click. He said, so God is the top. and I was like yep. So that was cool.
Random thing I forgot to tell you I think. We housed into an ancient 92 year old lady. She was loud and healthy as ever. She had never prayed in her life and we asked if we could pray. She was like, why not, we tried and she was like, hmm, that was good. she didn't have interest but it was cool to have a 92 year old ancient Japanese lady pray for the first time. I love my mission.
So my name in Japanese is prounounced, "PU-RO-KU-TAA" Pooh roh ku taa. I ordered a new nametag, all excited it comes in and they messed up. It says, "PU-RO-DA-KU-TAA" pooh roh dakutaa. SO now I am Elder pro-doctor haha - I already sent the picture in though and I get another one for free.
Last thing I'll leave you with is something the stake president said at stake conference two days ago. "We should keep the commandment of daily prayer and scripture study, just like we keep the Word of Wisdom daily." Praying and studying the scriptures EVERYDAY is a commandment. We don't just stop the word of wisdom some days. Some people do with prayer and reading though. So remember that next time you don't want to read. Is that also the day you will decide, "Meh, today is not a word of wisdom day." I love you all and have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Proctor
Tokyo has lots of rain . . .

Elder Fountain and I = 36 plates of sushi - yum

Ping pong action

Good friend from Sri Lanka

According to this nametag, I am Elder Pro - Doctor. . . uh, okay...