Kamagaya ‏still GREAT!
Well it was honestly a bit slower week investigator wise but as far as spirit and fun goes it was great. My new companion Elder Tsuchida is awesome!! He is helpful, nice, and JAPANESE haha, I love having a Japanese companion. It helps soooooooooo much. I am definitely going to have to find some Japanese people in Nacogdoches to talk to. Japanese is so much fun.
So, I have some cool news.......I got my returning missionary email.....The date is officially September 4, 2015. That's it so make sure you are ready to pick me up! It was such a weird feeling to get that email and it said "Returning missionary email, don't get trunky!" haha - I feel it though. It feels real. Especially looking back at October 2013 when I couldn't speak anything, and now I can go the whole day without having trouble. that's just language wise too, Spiritually I am a new person.
We had Elder Nelson come this past week because they are doing the iPads differently now. We can't use Facebook for like 12 weeks because they are doing the "Reset" is what they call it. They want to train us better because they want us to be better protected and more effective. Something that really touched me though is this. When we got the iPads we all thought it was to make our missionary work better nad hasten God's work, which it is, but they told us something in the conference. They said that the reason above that was they gave the missionaries iPads so that they could develop good habits with technology now so that when we get off our misssions, we won't be as susceptible to temptation. It really touched me becasue I saw the wisdom of God's prophets. I was touched too becasue then I looked back and I realized, I really do have good habits with it now. I never was a bad person, but the perversion that can and does happen on the internet is such a rampant thing right now that is destroying the nation and world and people in the church. The prohpets gave missionaries the iPads though because now, I plan on using it the same way at home. I will only use it when I have a purpose and not just to click around. It was so touching to see their foresight and how much they care. I am so thankful. It really was a touching conference too for those that actually had had a problem in the past or something. Really cool meeting. The church is led by God.
Two of our investigators came to church yesterday. That was cool. Plus, something funny that has been happening is this. Elder Tsuchida and I have a good way to talk to people. I use my foreigner-ness and get their attention. I speak only Enlgish and he translates when they don't understand, then once we get around to Gospel stuff, I start speaking Japanese and they are like "WHAT?!?" because the whole time I acted like I knkew nothing haha:P it works great. We played basketball last week too. Pretty fun. I also have our district vision that I made and I'll send it to you. I translated it into Japanese too so i think you'll like it. I love you all so much!! Havea great week!!!!!

Love, Elder Proctor

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