Best Week Ever!!
So, first of all. Y*** Shimai (Sister) was baptized haha:) it went really well. I had to do it twice because her skirt didn't go under, plus the Sister Missionaries didn't practice with her so i had to explain it to her, a 80 year old Japanese lady, how to be baptized in like 5 seconds-haha it went fine though and in sacrament meeting yesterday she bore her testimony really well. I loved seeing that.
Sticking with the baptism theme, one of our investigators, S***, is now looking great. We set a baptismal date for the 26th of this month yesterday!?!?? WOOH!!! He is twenty and half the members still havent noticed that he is new because he doesn't look or act it. He has never done any Christianity before either?!? it is crazy. The only probelm is maybe he might have work on Sunday, so please, everyone pray that he won't!!!! He could be serving a mission in a year I think :).
Also, another cool miracle is in district meeting, the zone leaders asked us to pray to find a specific person. I prayed to find a man who is worried about taking care of his family and doesn't want his family to know he is worried. A man I met a month ago called and he said his son has not held a job since age 18  and doesn't leave the house. He is now 35. He said he wants to go to church to receive help and talk to us to learn. Pretty cool huh? his name is I***. Shows that you really do "ask and receive."
We also have a new investigator named M*** who is reading and doing well. We really are doing really well right now. We teach really good spirit-filled lessons. Best of my mission. K***, the protestant family kid, he really is doing well. He loved the Plan of Salvation and ping pong is still fun with him. Elder Tsuchida is great. we are learning together and enjoying the work. I am excited for conference this week. It is always so good. The General Authorities really are prophets of God. It is my last General Conference in Japan. I can't believe it. Skype is next month. Time really does fly. I love my mission. It really is the best choice you can make. It has changed me and the people that I love to turn to God and really rely on Him and makes you try hard. I love it. I really know Jesus Christ is our Savior. Havea great week!!

Elder Proctor

ps, new iPads this week! Wooh! haha:P

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