CHUCK NORRIS help me introduce Christ!!

This week was a little slower but still a lot of fun. I had a fun split with another missionary who was a district leader in the MTC with me. We got done and he was like, "wow, you look a lot better now than you did in Utah." and I was just like, "you have no idea".  haha.  Cool experience while that split was going on too. A guy came up to me while we were passing out fliers about the Gospel and Christ. He found out that I was from Texas and immediately, as always, said he knows Yu Darvish (Rangers Pitcher). I was like cool, but then he said, "CHUCK NORRIS!!" I didn't know he was from Texas but I was like,  yea, that too haha then the funniest thing, he made a Chuck Norris joke in Japanese. He said, "彼は死なないね!” That means, "He doesn't die right?!" and I just died and said, your right! It was so funny to hear that in Japanese. This guy eneded up taking a Book of Mormon:)
An Eikaiwa student who gave me $100 dollars and finally took it back invited us over for dinner instead. It went really well, they fed us a ton like always, and it was amaizng. We shared the Book of Mormon and he showed us a lot of stuff. So cool to see 70 year old Japanese men learn about Christ for the first time. K*** still has tons of interest but his parents haven't given him permission to go to our church because they are a different denomintation. He committed to pray that they will let him so can you all at home pray too!!!!!! It would be awesome if you could.
Funny thing that I can't remember if I told you or not. In priesthood a couple of weeks back we had a lesson about....Katanas haha literally, a brother brought one and they talked about it the whole time. He wanted to tie it in but it got carried away. I don't know sword making vocab in either English or Japanese so I don't know what happen either haha Super funny though to get a katana lesson in Japan during priesthood.
Another cool thing is an missionary who was in my zone a couple of transfers ago went home after one transfer. He just wasn't in to it but I was the one who went on a split with him to try to help him get it going. We went out to eat and I paid for him becasue he didn't have money at the time. He went home, but a couple of weeks ago he sent me a message on facebook that he is coimng back in a couple of months:)) I fasted for him before we went on the split and I was disappointed that he didn't stay, but it was awesome to see the Lords timing in that he is coming back soon. Nothing is ever pointless.
Today, K***, my frined from Chiba is taking us to Costco. He is driving all the way here. I am happy. Best thing for this week though is we got the whole ward praying for our goal of 8 non members at church next week. So can you pray for us too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!! The ward is freaking out about it. Also, it was awesome that one of the members said they feel like I have been here forever because I have fit in well:)) I love Kamagaya:) Transfers are next week, I dont want to go!!!!! I love you all and Happy Birthday!!! mom and dad!!!!!

Love, ELder Proctor

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