Skype was so good!! I don't think I have ever been so happy. It was so much better for me this time. I felt so much more refreshed and ready to go as opposed to the other times where I was just like, oh wow, now this is harder - haha. I obviously was a little shaken up at the end when it shut off, but I still am just so happy we got to see eachother and to hear from everyone! You all look great!! It was so natural though. It honestly wasn't that big of a shocker hearing your voices or anything. It felt so good and was so comforting. I really have the best family ever. I can't wait to seee you again on the next one, and then at Houston Airport.'
So afterwards we were able to have a good day. We went to a Bounenkai with other men in the ward. It was at an all you acan eat Italian place and we were able to bring a new investigator. It went really well and he knows how to pray now and really likes  everyone. He speaks English but he learned in Scotland or something so he has a hilarious accent. So cool to hear it from a Japanese person. He is pretty good at English. We then were able to meet with our new friend H*** and eat Indo Curry. It is right next to our apartment.:P It went really well and he asked why I became a missionary so I basically just related exactly what I had just told all of you - haha. He is really cool. This ward is amazing. 
So, what they do in Japan is they have a basket for the missionaries and everyone dumps food in there. Which we get a lot but it's still not going to member's house. Well this ward does the member house thing! We have like 6 member visits set up for the next 2 weeks. I have only been to like 5 in my whole misison - haha so I am happy. Yesterday we went to one and it was the K**** family. We were abel to teach the Plan of Salvation to them for practice. It felt so good because when we teach investigators, most of the time we just do a little bit of each lesson because it is all so new. But to teach all of it, in Japanese, was so great. I love teaching in Japanese. They complimented my companion and also they made me feel really good because they said the way I explained it was the easiest to understand and clearest they had ever heard from missionaries. It made me feel so good because I have been working for over a year now on how to explain this stuff to Japanese people. To hear them say that, plus have Skype, it was just so fulfilling to see how far I have come.
I love doing this. I miss you all so much, but I know that this mission is important. I love you all so much!! I miss you!!!!!!!! Thanks for being so awesome!!!!!!

Love, Elder Mason Proctor
Our sweet Christmas Tree!!!
Great Ward Family

A new friend in our new area.

Another new good friend.

Out to eat with another great friend.

SKYPE was AWESOME!! (notice who is in front, *clears throat*)