Skype next week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I got my transfer call form President Budge at 7:50 am this morning and I am leaving Chiba. It has been my favorite area. It has a big city, so many buildings, so many people, and the ward is great. So I will miss it but my new area is going to be Kamagaya about an hour away and I will be training another brand new missionary! Wooh! Honestly in the back of my mind that is what I wanted to do - haha. We are going to a new area too, so starting from scratch. I am excited. I hope I get a new Nihonjin (Japanese) missionary but obviously anyone is great. I am done with my stint as Zone Leader for now. It was really fun and a great learning experience.

So, this past week was a great week. We taught S*** again, the Chinese guy, and he set a baptismal date for next month!! Wooh! It is so much fun to teach him becasue we teach him in English and use the Chinese pamphlets then to check his understanding, he writes the Kanji of what he thinks and we can know if he understood or not. It is really cool and such a spiritual experience. He came to church too. E***, one of my long time friends from here that I have been talking with since July came too. He is the one that might have found the cure for cancer. I can't remember if I told you about him. He had cancer, used his medicine he had been using on his animals, he is a vet, and his cancer has gone away month by month. He has a chart and also has a factory producing his medicine. He lives in a nice nice apartment too, so he is legitimate. Still unbelievable - haha but pretty interesting. He came to church though. We also were able to use that Plan of Salvation puzzle multiple times yesterday. It is so good and easy to understand. We taught K***, an old guy who lives in a high rise apartment with an incredible view, taught him about the Clestial Kingdom, then turned around and the sunset on Tokyo Bay was amazing. So we said that is the glory of the sun and it clicked for him:) So cool.
Also, M*** dad passed away but he is taking it well. He was old and it was his time. We used the puzzle for him too.
I got my Christmas package! It is awesome!! I opened the ties and bookmarks, but not the bigger ones. Waiting 'till Christmas for that. The hot chocolate is amazing and that candy is going to last me a while, so thanks! Best family ever. My companion Elder Packer was shocked. He thinks you are the best family because of all the packages and stuff. You guys really are. You have sent so much and it means SOOOOOOO much to me. You too Hannah. He counted it up with all the holidays I have gotten packages and realized how crazy it is - haha I really love you all so much!!!!!!

Next week is skype. They said 24 through 26 so I honestly would rather do the 26. that would mean we get to feel the excitement of it being so close to Skype longer, but also a lot of missionaries will maybe do it that day. I guess it doesn't matter though so lets do 26 I guess? I Love you all!! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Proctor

I'm gonna miss this Indo Curry place :(

Sensi Proctor at English class.

Last soccer day with this good friend.

Goodbye's are hard.

Wonderful Chiba Member

Crazy newly baptized member in my last area - soooo fun.

I think my dad will be getting me one of these when I get home?

Another good friend in Chiba.