Looking forward to Skype session!
I had another interesting fast week in Chiba. First cool experience I want to share is about a guy named S***. He is from China and doesn't speak Japanese yet and his English isn't the greatest. We met him because he is now living with a Chinese less-active and that is how it happened. So we invited him to play basketball but he couldn't find the right station so we ened up just going to the church. Once there we sang Nearer my God to thee while I sang Japanese, Elder Packer played the piano, and S*** sang in Chinese. So Japanese Kanji (the little picture things you think of) actually comes from China. They adopted it from China way back when. So most of them have the same meanings just different ways of pronouncing and Japanese also has two alphabets. Anyways, Becase the Kanji are the same, I was able to teach S*** about God and Christ by just pointing out the Kanji and saying simple English. I pointed out God and peace and heaven and stuff and coming closer to God and was able to teach a Chinese man in broken English by showing him Kanji and him understanding in Chinese while I was reading in Japanese. Gift of tongues is pretty cool - haha. That experience was definitely one of the biggest times on my mission where I felt God was helping me.
Second cool experience. We were housing and we use that "He is the gift" video like Crazy now. So we house with it and a house that was super decorated with Chrismtas lights was there. We went to the house and knocked and a mom answered on the ping pong box and we sung a English Christmas song. Then she came out and was holding a new born baby. It was so Mary like - haha so we showed her the video and right at the end when its Jesus and Mary, the lady was holding her baby the exact same way as in the video. We asked if we could come back later and she said sure. So next time if her husband is home, wooh! Cool experience huh.

We also went to the temple today. Great as always and I was able to get your Christmas gifts. So cool. You'll like it. I love you all so much. I hope you are having a great December. It's getting cold here but I am liking it better - haha I love you all!!!!!

Love, Elder Proctor
Selfie at the Marketplace in Chiba

Visiting some friends in the Hospital

Tokyo Temple with Elder Packer

Our good friend from China.

Members from my former area - Kisarazu.

Finnish independence day - Hoooray! (this Elder is from Finland)

Good friends in Chiba-shi