It's December!!?!?!?! ‏
Hey everyone!!! I hope you had a great week. From mom and dad's email it sounds like everyone is doing very well. That camp sounded like a lot of fun and I am glad you are all enjoying the puzzles. Just before I forget, There is a transfer the week before Christmas, so if you are going to send me a gift, send it now or wait a little bit because if I get transferred, which is pretty certain, then it might get sent to Chiba and that would be super taihen to deal with. So either send it for sure this week but not next week. Send it two weeks from now if you are going to send a gift later. I hope that made sense.
It was a crazy week. We had a zone Pday (preparation day) and bought cake and played dodge ball and blow Ping-Pong. It was pretty fun but very stressful because Elder Packer and I went all the way to Makuhari by bike and train, then lugged a cake back and it took a good 4 hours. So I am excited for todays relaxing Pday - haha then, Tuesday we had zone conference and we got trained on how to use the new church video and to get ready for Christmas! I am so happy and it is so much easier to dendo during Christmas time.

Wednesday I went on a split in O*** and it rained all day and we were riding our bikes....all day. So I froze and it was windy but hey, we did it - haha not to mention Elder Burt's bike had a puncture and we had to walk an hour home at the end. Good split though with Elder Burt. He was my MTC District leader and now he is a district leader in the Chiba zone. Then Thursday I went to Narita where the airport is, on a split and we rode a long time up and down hills but found an investigator and they are now teaching him. WOOH! It was cool too to see the airport where this Japanese adventure started. Then Friday another split with Elder Lammintaus from Finland and it was fun. I ate Indo curry with him for Thanksgiving and it was good. Thursday didn't work out for  Thanksgiving. This week also we had tons of Costco food and cake so it felt like Thanksgiving. We also yesterday had a tiny ward party and it was for Thanksgiving and it went well.

A lot of people we are working with are moving towards Christ. It's fun to watch the Sri Lankan guy has a Sri lankan book of Mormon now and he is reading and all of our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon now. D***, is getting baptized later. He said he isn't ready so we are waiting. The sisters are teaching a girl A*** and she should be baptized. Her friend is a member so this week at Eikaiwa I am going to show them the picture of Chrissy and her friend being baptized to help them get it done this month for Christmas. Pretty cool because it is the same situation as Chrissy and her  friend. 

I am enjoying Japan. I love Japan so much. Favorite place in the world besides home. It is awesome. So fun, I love Japanese, I truly just have such a tender spot in my heart for this place. It is the place where my testimony has grown and I really am developing Christ-like love. I love Japan. I am so thankful for Japan. Have a great week and see you this month:)))))Thanks for the package by the way. So awesome!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Proctor

Zone Conference slide show pose - Neat sunset in Japan

Elder Lammintaus

Elder Spindler

Elder Burk - I am soaked and cold and . . . freeking happy!!