Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Skype for 11:00 my time on Friday and for your Thursday night will work! I love you all and am so excited to see you!!!!!!! I actually went out last week and bought a new screen protector for my iPad because my old one was cheap and I wanted to be able to see you in detail - haha. So I am ready haha. So I am in my new area now Kamagaya. IT is really cool. My new companion is Gaijin (not Japanese - foreigner) and he is from Provo, Utah -  literally two minutes from the MTC. It is a lot of fun so far though. I love training. It's fun having a companion that is seeing everything for the first time. He is still freaking out over the song that goes off in each town at 5:00 pm and at all the ramen shops and sushi and just all the japanese stuff. It's a lot of fun to show him around and stuff. He has good Japanese. Probably one of the better ones of his MTC district, but obviously is still brand new and MTC Japanese is not Japanese - haha. It's fun though because my Japanese has gotten so much better in the last couple of days because I know I have to focus on everything they say because I am the one who will understand. It has helped a lot and has been fun.
The ward here is amazing!?!?! They are on fire. They love us and we have meals planned and our basket was full of wrapped presents?!?! We have a tree in our tiny apartment and it literally looks like Christmas at our apartment - haha. We moved in as the 3rd set of missionaries for the area and the ward is going crazy that there are 6 missionaries. Our apartment is tiny and there was not enough stuff for 4 people the first days though. I slept on a blanket and the wood floor the first nights.....ow. But yesterday new futons came and they are the best in my whole mission. I call mine "my cloud" because it is so big and fluffy. I had the best sleep of my msision yesterday. I am still going on about it because it is so life changing for me. I hope I am here for 4 transfers now. I miss Chiba very much,  but I am getting used to this. We have an appointment tonight already and it should be fun. We are eating ramen with T***, a RM's friend. Oh yeah - haha, also we found some people all throughout our first couple of days so even though we are opening Kamagaya, we already are seeing success.
It's weird being transfer 11. I am old now (missionary old). People call me an "old missionary" - haha.  I like it though and it is helping me work harder. I am so excited for skype. My new companion's name is Elder Fountain by the way.
Have questions ready and lets just enjoy what we have. I love you so much. I have felt the Spirit so strongly as I have been reflecting over the last few years of my life. I really have come closer to God and I know I want to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of my life. I love you all so much and I'll see you on Friday!!!!! Your Thursday - haha.  I love you!!!

Good friend saying bye as I leave Chiba-shi.

Great friend in Chiba.

We made a new friend as we got to out new area.
New companion is Elder Fountain from Provo, UT.

The ward has us on the bulletin!!! Awesome!

"doth my eyes deceive me?"

Elder Fountain - fresh from the MTC!!!

Saying bye to a few friends in Chiba.

Same here.