It is 2015!!!!!!! I am so excited and have had great experiences all week, along with some funny ones haha. So on Tuesday we were able to find tons of people. We started out by finding two Vietnamese guys who are interesting, they don't really speak English but speak some Japanese. I talk to them over facebook in Japanese and I think they use google translate to figure out what I say- haha. It's pretty funny but hopefully they meet with us this week. Then we found a guy housing. I***. He and his wife are like 22 and married young. His wife wasn't home but he said she likes the bible and English so he said we could visit next Monday. I hope it goes well. It was funny too be cause most Japanese don't marry that quickly and I commented on it and he said, the faster the better. Couldn't really disagree with him - haha.  I am excited to meet with them next week. Then we met another kid Y*** while passing out flyers at a train station. Then we met another Phillipino at the same station. And then we housed and found a lady who had took the lessons years ago and wanted to do it again and start coming to church so we referred her to the Sisters.  This was all in one day. Great day of finding. Thank you for your prayers.
On New Years Day we read the Book of Mormon all day. In Japan they celebrate new years for 3 days and it's the biggest holiday of the year so everyone does dumb stuff, you know. So we actually don't dendo (do missionary work) on those three days. We had a cleaning day, a book of mormon read day and a conference. So on new years we had a lunch appointment with a member. We went and they are two older members who are former mission president and wife and Japan MTC former presidents. Pretty good people. We made our new years resolutions in Japanese with them. You get this piece of papare and then with the whole big brush and everything, write what your goal is. I chose 慈愛、which is pronounced "jiai" which means charity. This is the last year of my mission. I want to be the best missionary possible and develop charity like Christ for these people. I also know that when I get back, I want to have love and charity for all of you and start off my returned missionary life with the focus on love and charity. SO i chose "慈愛".
Funny story, dad talked about the carbon monoxide and it is a problem here. Some misionaries in Korea passed away receently and they have been making sure everyone is safe now. So after cleaning day we used a lot of chemicals obviously. Our CO detector started beeping and said 97. We freaked out and learned that that was'tt deadly but still probably sleep with the windows open. The thing wouldn't quit beeping though so  I havd to wake up 2 or 3 times a night to reset it. It always said 97 so we were fine. Then a couple days into this after talking to the headquarters and everything, I called Sister Budge back and she was like, "wait, what does 97 look like if you read it as letters. Turn it upside down". I did and it was Lb. Low battery. We were fine the whole time. Just needed new batteries. So that was a lot of lost sleep for no reason. I read the whole instructions one night for 30 minutes for no reason - ugh haha but pretty funny story.
W*** and L***are two Chinese new investigators and I met them in inage a long time ago but they just contacted me and now they have interest! wooh! also, we got a referral and his name is M***, full Japanese but grew up in Ccanada and speaks both. He is looking good too.
Happy new year everyone!! I love you so much!! Keep praying and let's  make this the best year ever!!!! I remember when I was like ten Ii made a new years resolution to pray every night. It worked and I have done it since. Everyone else. Start some thing new and get closer to God! I love you!!!


The 2 Awesome Elder's I was privileged to train.
Elder Fountain and Elder Larm
Sweet Shirt

Good friends we recently met

Awesome Ward Couple

Another great ward family

Elder Fountain got a red one

Sword drawn - ready for action!