We had transfer calls yesterday and I am staying in Chiba again! Wooh! It is the second most city-like area in the mission (next to Tokyo) so I love it here. I love Tokyo so much. But yea, I'm staying - so I am excited. Same companion too so no change this time.
I had a crazy week though so here it goes. We went to the zoo on monday and that was pretty interesting. It was funny walking around and having people looking at us like we were also an exhibit. We also saw red pandas and I promised Alyssa, Hannah's sister before I left to send pictures so I will send them.
On Tuesday we went to a culture event thing with an investigator (person being instructed about the Gospel) for his church, not Christian, and it was really cool. Tons of booths set up for all these different countries. The America one was hilarious because I had this guy walk up to me and say, "this is famous in America, and I was like,"you dont say?" - haha. He knew I was American but said what he practiced in English for the day to me anyways - haha. Also, everyone was staring at us and really liked that Americans were there - so it was pretty fun. We stick out pretty bad sometimes - haha.
I got the chocolate birthday package and enjoyed it. Still will be enjoying it for about another 2 weeks probably - haha, thank you so much.
We revorded singing and playing the little horn things and it is funny. We will watch it together next year when I a m back:) Also, just a fun fact, in Chiba, there is a guy who has a suped up motorcycle that is all black, and he has a batman costume and literally looks just like batman - haha.  So he drives around Chiba and is called Chibatman, haha the other Elders saw him and said they just died laughing because he literally looks exactly like batman speeding by - haha: Chiba is an awesome place.
We went to the football game and it was awesome!!!!! I loved it!!!! It was so funny though because the vocabulary is just bad pronunciation English, haha - Japanese is like that sometimes. The game was great though and we made a lot of friends and watched the American former college players dominate the game, - haha. I actually jumped up when we scored and no one else did and I realized in Japan they don't cheer like that - haha, so it was funny when eveyone just watches it like it is golf - haha, great time though. I learned something though. As I was watching it I actually got pretty homesick. I was like, "Man, I like this, I miss watching games" and it just felt like home, But the cool thing was afterwards, it ended and I realized how important the Gospel is. Worldly things like sports and stuff are good, I think sports are a gift from God, but they are just things to enjoy. They don't bring lasting happiness. That game ended and I immediately was like, well that's it, there is more important stuff to do now. I really realized how important the Gospel is. I love it. I am so happy we have the Gospel and I love telling the Japanese people about it. Also, I really learned the Book of Mormon is true. I tell Japanese people about God who have never thought of it before and after reading the Book of Mormon and Bible, they stop drinking tea, which they love, and worship God and pray. It is just proof that the Book of Mormon and the Scriptures generally really are God's word. I love you all so much.
Shout out to the Nacogdoches Football Team! Wooh! Thanks for your emails. They mean a lot to me!!

Japan X League - AWESOME - Go Big Blue!! (Team Name)

Sushi > Hotdogs at Japan Football - lol

Beautiful Red Pandas at the Chiba Zoo

***HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!*** (awe maaaan!)

Met up with Elder Larm - (my Padowan)

Great friend in Chiba-shi

I was thinking Tony Stark was a bit taller??