It was another good week in Chiba.
Yesterday B*** received the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was so special. He was super prepared and he asked people ahead of time to stand in the circle and everything. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. It is so amazing to see the difference in him. Before he was baptized, he was a really nice guy but didn't smile as much. Ever since he was baptized though, he honestly has a completely different atmosphere around him. We took a video of his testimony for a zone conference tomorrow. It was an amazing testimony and something that I really needed to hear. He talked about how he was so thankful for all the  missionaries. He said that we talk to thousands of people everyday and he said even though that most don't listen, that one that does, it means the world to him. And then he said, I was that one. I had to hold back tears. It really meant a lot to me and I am so thankful I amable to be the missionary who was with him at his baptism.
I realized a lot this week that we need to be thankful for the things that we have in our life. We can't get caught up in the things we want. We need to remember the blessings we have now and try our best to get more by obedience and doing our best. I really have found that to be true on my mission. I really like the camel that you sent me in that box. It has meant a lot to me and it sits on my desk now and I remember every-time that I need to do what God wants me too and to always remember to stock up on good things now to save them for later. Thank you so much.

I got to play basketball on Saturday morning. We will get to every Saturday morning from now on and I am so excited. The people are pretty good. I was wiped out though. I am not basketball running shape any more haha I don't ever run so  I run out of breath way quick haha everything else is fine though. Just a side note. I have lost 13 pounds on my mission haha thank you Japan haha I can't eat as much any more either, its pretty interesting. I went to Sushi with an investigator on Friday. I have also just had it confirmed that Sushi never gets you full. That is something that is just hilarious about Japan, you cannot get full unless it is all you can eat haha I have adjusted though and I think its better in the end haha.
Yesterday we rode for like 2 hours looking for a recent converts house. It was through the rain. It was tiring haha it was really cool though because now that I am in Chiba, I am riding thorugh the city and it looks just like I pictured before my mission. I really love the Japanese people. They are amazing and I love speaking Japanese. I LOVE JAPAN!!! Oh yeah, by the way, there are no air conditionings in those gyms haha its crazy humid and hot haha thanks to all of you for being so awesome. I love you all so much!!!!!!!!

A new friend in Chiba - he is awesome.

A little Basketball - no AC

A great family in Chiba

Elder Packer and Me

Portion size - what keeps the Japanese not fat - lol