Chiba-shi is AWESOME!
I had another good week!! I'll just start with a couple of stories. If you go on line I bet you can look up videos of Tokyo trains and how packed they are. I just wanted to tell you how true that is. I have been on multiple packed trains, but a couple of weeks ago, on the way to Mission Leadership Council, I was literally on one where they stuffed you in like canned meat - haha. It was ridiculous but just adds to the experience of me being a Tokyo missionary:)

Train Stuffing in Japan

N***, the investigator we have that is doing really well and probably will be baptized next month, is awesome. Every tuesday when we teach him, he has started taking us out to eat. He takes us to stage 1 and stage 2 and sometimes stage 3 is what he calls it - haha. We go to a restaraunt, eat, then he takes for ice cream, and each place we go where he buys us food is a "stage" - haha it's pretty funny hearing this Japanese man say, "stage 1"  in English and we go eat haha.

Our investigator K***, is going to be baptized next month and something cool happened. we got to his house and he told  us, "I got work off for Sundays starting next month forever" -  haha. I was so happy. Without even having to tell him, he was just guided by God and asked for Sundays off so he could keep the Sabbath day holy. It was awesome:)

I went on a split with Elder Kondo who is a Japanese Elder. Two pro football players showed up at the church while we were there??!? It was crazy,  they are huge and play for the Chiba team. One is a less active and said he wanted to bring his friend to find the mormon church - haha. It was a weird sight to see two huge Americans show up randomly haha.

Also, the other day at the E***, an old, like ancient Japanese man came up to me and started talking to me. He had on a Japanese hat, a beard, and was wearing a yukata looking thing, I dont know the word for the ones Japanese guys wear.  But anyways, I talked with him about Buddhism and Christianity and his voice was just the classic voice youd hear for some Asian karate master on a movie. It was so funny and I just thought about my life. I was standing in Japan, talking to this old man, in Japanese, about Buddhism, and he was bowing and I just thought it was funny haha.

Japan is great, I love the people, the language is getting better and my birthday is on Saturday:) I already have had eikaiwa students give me presents so I'm excited:) I love you all so much and thanks for your emails. They mean a lot to me . I am proud of all that you have done. have a great week!!


your missionary,

Striking a pose - I guess

Another great friend accepting Christ in his life and being baptized.

Elder Leaver, my MTC companion - what an awesome Elder (he's down like 30lbs too)

Good friend - speaks English, Japanese, Tagalog, Chinese

Meal Time!!!!