(to commemorate Mason's year mark, I decided to upload a short video of him departing last year - thanks to all who email and write him and support him - he appreciates it more than you know.)

Thank you all so much for your emails. They were awesome and really touched me. Its crazy to think that I am 20 now!!!?!? I had an awesome birthday though!!!!!! I loved it and even my apartment mates said that my birthday was pretty good for a missionary - haha.
So, first, on P-day I got to play basketball for about 2 and a half hours, outside on a court close to the beach, with 12 people, like 5 of which were new, and it rained earlier so the weather was cool. It was awesome. We had so many new potential investigators and one of them is going with us to a really cool event that I will tell you about later in the email.....So basketball was a blast and went great. Then after that we went with an friend who is a vet who lives in a high rise apartment that is really nice (you can see Mt Fuji from his deck). He also had cancer and found a treatment and took studies on himself and stuff and his cancer went away...he sells his medicine for animals and stuff and people use it too and it is curing a lot people, so our investigator might have found the cure for cancer maybe - haha. He is a very wealthy man too so he isn't fake, I'm very curious every time we go haha but he took me out to eat and we ate very well.
A couple of weeks ago we met those two huge football players from America and they invited us to their football game on the 27th in Chiba. They play for the pro team in the X league in Japan. One is a returned missionary (RM) and his friend had never been to the church before so they just wandered in and that's how we met them. So, they invited us to their game, but knew we probably couldn't go, BUT the new investigator who came to basketball, is a college football player here....so, everything lines up to where all we have to do is ask President Budge for permission to go to the Pro X League football game this Saturday. I was so nervous, but there was a good chance we could. So my birthday night, I called President Budge and explained the situation how we had one investigator going with us and one playing and one member.....he said.....YES!!!!!! so that capped off my birthday with permission to see the game this weekend:)) We are going!!!! To a semi-pro American Football Game - Whoo Hooo!! So as a missionary, I learned that I love watching sports - haha I am not distracted and always wanting to watch or anything, but I'm not going to lie, it's fun and I miss it - haha.

Our investigators (friends who are in the process of learning of Jesus and accepting Him in their lives) are doing great. We just set a baptismal date yesterday and today with two new friends and things are going great. I love the people, Japanese is fun, and my relationship with God is getting better and better . I love you all so much and I will get your package tomorrow. I called the post office this morning. I love you!!!!!

Elder Mason Proctor
Basketball Buds

Outside of the Basketball Court

Chiba Zone - Elder Packer and I are the Zone Leaders - Awesome Missionaries

Good friend that takes us out to dinner

Visiting a sick friend in the hospital

Checking out an awesome shrine

Elder Packer and I