Hey Everybody!!!
I love you all so much!!! I got to baptize K** yesterday!!!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!! I will send tons of pictures. I had to baptize him twice because I left out a word haha but it went great. He was so happy and is in Togane and will be a great member out there now. It was so fulfilling to see his smiling face.
I have so much more fire in me right now to Dendo (do missionary work) because it is awesome to see that happen for people. I was so happy. We almost didn't make it too!?? We missed a train and were going to be too late for me to see it, let alone do the baptism. I was so sad. I was like noooooo. This is not happening. We have to go but one of the awesome Togane members was kind enough to pick us up at another station and drive us. It  was so nice and we were able to go. :)) It was amazing and I really know baptism is so important. :)

We also saw a miracle while passing out Eikaiwa (English Class) fliers at a station close to the beach. We finished passing them out and as we were walking to our bikes we saw a guy from Africa. We walked up to him and he asked if we were missionaries and turns out he was a member in Nigeria!?!? He is less active obviously now though. He said he was a member. He gave us his contact information and it went great so hopefully we can meet him this week.

Elder Sakamoto and I have been working hard in the heat haha. It is soooo hot. It is really just so  humid?!?! You have no idea. It is ok though and I kind of just don't care now haha.  It is all worth it. Lately a lot of people have been more receptive because they feel sorry for us and give us drinks and stuff haha. It has gone well.

Oh yeah, yesterday we met a guy and started walking with him. He is an old investigator. For a school report he had to explain Japanese culture in English to a gaijin (Foreigner).  I felt kind of used haha but we were walking and were on our way to a restaruant. We didn't know that. It was Sunday so we had to stop and teach him about keeping the Sabbath day holy. It went really well and even though he was disappointed he learned a more valuable lesson and I bet his teacher will give him more time. It felt great though to not give in and stand up for what we knew was best.
I love you all so much and want you all to know that you are the best!!! Your emails were great and lifted me up so much! Thanks for the advice and have a great week!!!!!!

Elder Mason Proctor
Our good friend who is accepting Christ in his life. Soooo Awesome!!

Getting ready for the Baptism

My parents sent up this sweet Texas Tie. He loves it!

Hanging out at a beautiful park in Chiba

Having an Awesome Day!!

A little "off" on the translation there, don't you think :)