Konnichiwa! ‏

Hey everybody!!!!! We had a lot of things going on this week! First, we went on exchanges with the assistants to the president of the mission. It was really cool. We found a guy named K***. He is 19 and has traveled a lot. He had a heart transplant and the heart he got is from an American so he literally is American at heart -  haha. He loves America stuff. He also has been to NASA so we were able to talk about that haha, so cool. He came to church this week and before church we gave him a tour. We got to the baptismal font and taught him about baptism. We talked about the blessings and things and he said he wants forgiveness. One thing led to another and now he is going to be baptized at the end of this month haha:)) So cool.
We were able to find two new investigators yesterday night by housing (tracting). We are seeing tons of miracles this week. Also, I was super sick on Friday and Saturday. I couldn't sleep all Friday night because of a massive headache and just my whole body felt terrible. I finally saw one of the other Elders wake up and he gave me a blessing at like 3 am. I immediately was able to finally calm down and sleep. The next day I just slept all day. I couldn't do anything. It was the first time in almost a year that I have napped haha it was weird. I got better Saturday though. Blessings really have power to them.
We also used the letter Garrett sent in T***'s lesson. It went great and it really touched him. It was perfect for him. He is still doing great.
Next crazy piece of news is I am already transfering?!?!? To Chiba! It's a big city. After only five weeks here!??! It was a super short transfer. They are usually 6 weeks. But yea, I'm gone, haha I'm going to be one of the Zone Leaders in Chiba with my new companion, Elder Sakamoto. He is Nionjin (Japanese) and I am so excited. He has been here a lot longer too so he can teach me a lot. Plus, I am so excited to just speak Japanese. I have never had this chance before and I am so excited to take it. I love you all so much. Thanks for being so perfect!!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Elder Egbert in the Rice Field.
"the field is white, (or green in this case)."

A good friend we met in Togane-shi

Another great guy we are teaching. Very cool.

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing"

Beautiful Home of one of the Ward Member Families.