So we had a pretty interesting week and I'll start with the first miracle. We got a referral from a member about a guy from Canada. He had met with missionaries before but stopped. I called him and he didn't answer so I left a message to get a hold of us. Here is the email he sent a couple of days later.....

"Hi guys,

As I'm sure Y*** has mentioned to you, I would like to come back to the Church. I work full time six days a week and I take care of my three month old daughter when I'm home so meeting during the week is out of the question. Instead this is how I want to do it:

I'd like to start coming to church on Sundays, starting this Sunday. After the main service, I would like to have the lessons. Last time, I had the lessons with the missionaries with Y*** leading. I would like to have that arrangement again. Please ask Y*** if he is willing. Church business in Chiba is conducted in Japanese so it's important that I learn the gospel in Japanese.

As for the baptism, I'm aiming for August 31st."

He is so prepared!!!!! Haha. I read this and was just yelling haha. He set up expectations for us haha He said he wants to come to church every week, he wants a member to do lessons with us, and he set his own baptismal date!!!!!!! Amazing. One of the coolest things on my mission haha. So we call people "KINJIN" when they are really ready for the gospel. That means, "golden person." He made a new definition for the word haha. So cool..
I also ate with our investigator N*** this week. He bought us tons of food and it was good and bad too haha he fed us pig intestine and liver at one point. Not good haha but the other meat was really good. We also got to play basketball this week and it was super fun. There are three Filipinos that are pretty good and fun to play with. Also I want to say thanks to the Champion Family. I got their letter and it meant a lot to me to get that letter. It really made me happy and happy to be a missionary. Tell them thanks:) We also ate with the F**** family yesterday. They were so nice and I enjoyed it so much. They were completely fluent in English haha it is so funny that most of the members are somewhat English fluent because of the missionaries. But it is also funny because they all talk like 19-26 year old guys haha just the way they react and their English mannerisms is like us I think haha its just because they imitated us haha.
Your Utah trip sounds like so much FUN! I love the pictures haha and I love you all so much too:) I love the temple and I am looking forward to when we all get to visit together next year or so:) You all look great and mom and dad, your emails made me so happy to be your son and also to be part of our family. I love you so much. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The temple is so special and really is God's house. I love it so much and I especially love the Houston and Tokyo temple. One day hopefully we can all come to Tokyo together:))
Elder Mason Proctor
A Great Family in Chiba

An awesomely cool Friend

Shabu Shabu

Elder White

I gave this guy a ninja turtle for his birthday - he loved it!

Another great picture at the baptism.

Basketball in Chiba-shi
Fun Times!!!