I really do love you guys so much. You are the greatest family and friends in the world and I always love getting your emails and feeling the love from you.
This morning we went to the beach and cleaned it up as a service project. It was already pretty clean but it went really well and at the end we had a bunch of trash. We were able to say good morning to a lot of people and they got introduced to the church that way too so that was good.
We are still meeting with L--. He is doing well and a super nice guy. Last week we talked with him and were able to talk about baptism. We talked with a guy named E--- on Tuesday. This guy is really cool. He is older and is pretty wealthy I think, haha - he has an awesome apartment. He speaks English pretty well too. He had cancer but has been using his own formula to get rid of it and is having some success. He knows about science and stuff. He has all the data and stuff and is planning on introducing the formula this month. I'm very curious to see what happens, haha. He also is a published author and he gave us a couple of his books:) pretty cool huh.
We played basketball with a friend this week  and it was pretty fun. Pretty much no one had played before I think so they were pretty excited to watch a foreigner who had touched a basketball before haha. They literally hadn't played before I think haha.
The ward here is really nice. Like I said last week, the ward mission leaders are American but completely fluent. It is fun watching our meetings go half Japanese and English the whole time - haha.
Having Elder Sakamoto as my companion is helping a ton. I really enjoy having him as a companion. He is a nice guy and is Japanese so my language skills are being helped a lot. I feel a lot more comfortable and feel like I can help people a lot better.
I finished reaading the Book of Mormon this week again. I prayed about it and Moroni 10:32-33 really stuck out to me. I learned so much how because of Christ we have hope and can improve. I have grown closer to God and learned who Christ is because of the Bible and the Book of Mormon so I really have come to know that the both scriptures are God's word. I love you all so much and please keep reading daily. I dont want to sound mean but there is no excuse not to!!!!:) I love you so much!!!!!!! have a great week!!!!!!!

I love you guys!!!!!!

*shingggg* - it totally made that sound as I drew it from the sheath - Awesome

Chiba Ward Service Project - Beach Clean-up

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