Still in Japan - haha  - so the baptism did not turn out. He is still trying to develop more faith (aren't we all though, right?). The miracle so far is that he has quit smoking. We taught him the stop smoking program and he pretty much did NONE of it - haha - but we did give him a blessing and he hasn't smoked since!! Miracle!
Some cool news is a friend that I met in Sanjo ended up completing the lessons and he got baptized!!! I was not able to say really much to him because I couldn't at that time (my Japanese wasn't very good) - haha - but he is now a member of the church. SO cool.
We had a pretty normal but funny week. Yesterday I rode a "mama chotty" that is the name of the cheap hoopty bikes everyone, and I mean everyone, rides in Japan. My back wheel completely broke on my regular bike during church yesterday. I think it got hit - haha - (like a hit and run) so I had to ride a broken old leftover mama chotty all the way to the next town. Our old apartment town. It was terrible. I will send a picture. I was drenched at the end. It hurt - haha - Elder Pelfrey rode it the way back. It was crazy. It's like 2 or 3 miles or somthing haha on a bike with a broken wheel. I got my bike with the new wheel today so that's good. The wheel finally came in and we went and got it fixed. So thats the funny story.
Also we saw a little concert an Eikaiwa (English) student put on and I will send the video. It's pretty good, she does very well and sings beautifully - her accent is very Japanese - haha.

One of our investigators that we are eating with tonight is looking really good. He keeps telling us all the stories of how God is helping him in his life. He is doing awesome and is just a cool guy. He is 24 and I'll send a picture.
Tomorrow we have Zone conference and I have an assignment to train in it. It is for two zones combined so wish me luck!!!!
I really learned this week to be patient. Even though we may feel inadequate or unable to control everything, if we just rely on God, pray, read, and do our best, it'll all work out. I know that Christ is our Savior too. Your emails are great. I loved them so much and I look forward to them every week.
One more miracle. The guy actually dropped us the other day but its still a miracle. It's crazy. This guy N-- was found months ago. The missionary gave him only the missionaries' number but that was it. He never turned up or anything. Well, before I came here the guy gets a call from someone and they invited him to church. He shows up and the missionaries were shocked! They asked and he said your preacher called me. He said I needed to go to church. The missionaries are the only one with his number and no one knows who called. We think it was an angel - haha - pretty cool miracle huh. He wants to take a break now. We told him about that and he met with us again but he wanted to take a break now. It'll be ok but I just htought you'd like that miracle.
Thanks for being an awesome family and friends at home. I love you all so much!!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!


Having Lunch with an great Member in Togane

Why? because we said so!!!!
"sportin the sweet Kimoto"

I LOVE the Sweet Basket - Makes me look really like a pro.
(especially how rusty it is)

Posing with our good friend in Togane

Togane Ward Chapel - Beautiful!!

Finally, someone as tall as me (maybe taller) - He is Chinese of course - lol