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OK, so I am now in Chiba, Japan. It still isn't as big as Tokyo, only a bit over 1 million, but now I am in an area that looks like I thought my mission would before I came out, haha. I have been in rural or country places all up until now.
It was cool the other day we came back from eating at a member's house. His name is A.. and his goal is to make the missionaries throw up I think, haha. He is from Nepal but speaks English and Japanese. He fed us so much! There is a Costco in Chiba and he uses it. We get to too:)) but anyways, he fed us so much and I couldn't eat it all. On the way back we were late and had to ride our bikes super fast to make it to the next appointment. It was pretty cool riding my bike through down town Chiba. Its a really cool urban atmosphere. There are apartment complexes everywhere that are humongous. It's really cool.
We had an earthquake and the Typhoon didn't hit us at all. The earthquake was weak so nothing happened - haha. We just heard the siren and were all prepared for a huge earthquake but it was tiny.
The ward here is cool because half of the members are from America pretty much. Well, four I guess haha. They have Japanese wives and move back and forth between America and Japan sometimes. They are completely fluent in both. Pretty cool. One is from Houston and he knew Nacogdoches so that was super cool. He is our ward mission leader.
My new companion is awesome. He is 25 and was a chiropractor before he left for his mission. He plans to go back to his job when his mission is complete. He is way older and mature but it is cool having someone to learn from even more. He is awesome though. We speak only Japanese and it has helped SOOO much in just the last few days. It's nice hearing perfect Japanese all day. When you are with American missionaries all day they speak white people Japanese and it's not as good practice haha.
Our investigators are great. One is from Peru and speaks Spanish and Japanese. We are meeting him today and he is close to baptism. I haven't met everyone else yet but we will see:))
I love you all so much. I read your emails and wow are they fun to read:))) I loved the picture of you guys at 4th of July. I love you all so much!!!!
My testimony is really growing. Rely on God, be patient, and all will be ok. Also, make sure Sacrament is a spiritual experience and not just a habit. I love you so much!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Elder Sakamoto - My new companion in Chiba!

New Friend in Chiba

Awesome Ward Member in Chiba

I gave this friend some Texas items - He liked them a lot.

New Friend in Chiba