This past week was a great week.

Something funny, a ring at our door the other day, in Japan they have little boxes you answer on, you usually don't come to the door. I know how it goes well from housing - haha - so ours rings and I was so happy, here was my chance to be on the other end - haha - it was a salesman talking about houses and stuff. I decided to mess with him so I did my best Japanese lady impression over the little box and told him to wait till I came to the door. I came and opened the door and his face was so funny - haha - he was shocked (Two American Men in a non-tourist area) and then tried to keep doing his spiel but I told him the church pays for the apartment and I'm 19 and I'm good haha. He said ok and smiled and walked off. It was funny too because there were two people in the parking lot laughing too haha. So there's my funny story for the week.
We saw so many people progressing and in pretty much all of the lessons we taught, someone came closer to Christ.
So I have a couple stories: First, N-- was going to drop us. He said he understood everything but it was a problem in his heart. We talked to him for an hour one day, we testified and just let him tell us how he felt. It was so cool because after we testified, he said we made him think again :)) He felt the Spirit and is still going to meet with us, wooh!!!!!!
Next, and this is the biggest miracle, T-- is still not smoking!!!!!! WOOH!!!!!!!!!! We taught him the program and he pretty much didn't follow it - haha - he forgot all the steps and we had to remind him all day everyday - haha but we did give him a blessing before and that is what did it. He has gone a whole week now and is looking good for this Sunday baptism!!!!!! I let you guys know what happens:))
Next miracle, A guy I met in Kisarazu named J-- is now listening to us in Togane:) So he came to Eikaiwa (English Class) in Kisarazu because he had a class there. He is 60. He is way good at English. So he really liked me and we were friends but he lives in Togane. He eventually stopped coming to Eikaiwa after his class finished. Well, the other day, I was praying about who we could get to church and I remembered him!! We called him and he was so happy I remembered him. He came and we ate with him the other day and now he is going to talk with us:) Miracle!
The pants and everything fit great! It has been better haha, thanks for all the stuff in the package. Thank Aunt Donella too. I love the lemonade and cereal. Love it! I love you all so much!!! Seeing Fumie was awesome. It was a weird feeling. Her being from Texas, also saying "hey, see you next year". It was super cool though. I wish we could've spoken longer, but had things to do. It was still great though  because we got to help S-- meet the new missionaries too.
I love you all so much!!!!

My good friend's daughter and son from Tyler, Texas up for a visit!
Too cool!!!!

Chinese Dinner Party
I don't speak a word of Chinese

The whole group together. Fun Stuff and Good Food

Another good Friend from Kisarazu