Hey guys!!!!

Alright so we had another good week. Everyone is slowly but surely progressing. With all the missionaries combined in Kisarazu we had 8 people at church! wooh! 2 were two random high school guys who just liked gaijin (foreigners) but oh well haha. They liked it and hopefully they'll keep coming, haha. Our Eikaiwa (English) class exploded this week and we actually had young people!?!? We usually have like 10 people aged 40 and over who are pretty much fluent, but we finally got a variety. I'm excited. On the 11th of May we have a big Sunday planned and all of our zone and the stake are trying to get everyone to church on that day. We are excited because everything is picking up now so we think we can bring lots of people! We met a guy from Wisconsin named J-- haha. He teaches English and we ate with him. He isn't investigating yet but he really liked and respected us. He is 33 and it was weird becasue he is like the first gaijin (foreigner) I have talked to other than missionaries for months - haha. It was weird.
Pretty funny story, we were talking about how one of our investigators is struggling with the thought of the apostasy. He really is trying to understand the organization of Christ's church and we are helping him read the Bible and the Book of Mormon so he can find that we have the true church again. But anyways, Elder Nukaya was explainging this to our branch president and one of the words for human is "ningen", and he wanted to say "human's church" as compared to "God's Church". Well the word for carrot is "ninjin", and he said that our investigator thinks all churches are carrots churches haha. It was pretty funny.
We have basketball planned for 3 hours today!! YES!!! We expect about 15 or 20 people. It is so awesome that I am finally getting to play and even better, that we have tons of people being introduced to the church because of it!! I-- is getting close. He finally said this week that he will be baptized someday. It is so funny that some of the members don't even realize he is not baptized yet haha But he is doing great. Also we have others we are teaching that are progressing. Things are picking up in Kisarazu.

I love you all so much. I loved your email dad and mom. Those were awesome and it always makes me happy and laugh seeing your personalities.  I love you all so much. You are awesome!!!!

Elder Proctor
Basketball . . . Japanese Style!!

We got a piece of Bamboo from a friend - he says you eat it. I don't think so.

Finally, my Japanese Grammar Book!!  -  Thanks Dad!

April Package - oh yeah. . . score!

An Eikaiwa (English) Student and Friend of ours.