Hello Everyone!!!!
A lot of stuff happened this week. This is going to be unorganized, just random things,  I have made notes to write about so bear with me. I'm just going to list off all the things that happened. On Sunday during fast and testimony meeting it was really cool. One of the kids in the ward got up and bore his testimony and said he wants to be a missionary and say hi to everyone at church and teach people and be like us. It was so cool.
We are teaching a guy named N--. He is awesome and is keeping all of the commitments as of now:) After one of his lessons we had our weekly ping pong night. We ran out of balls so we went to buy new ones at this sports store. There was a picture of Yu Darvish on a poster and I was like, "hey I'm from Texas" to the salesman. A minute later he came up to me and gave me a poster for free that came in just the other day:) haha it says "honmono wa honmono wo erabu" on one side. That means "the real thing chooses the real thing". It's pretty cool haha.
We also are still meeting with K--. He has had a super hard life. We actually went and played tennis with him. It was hilarious. We went to this nice retirement country club, and he. . . . schooled us haha. He was literally like as good as Hannah. He was so good at tennis. I felt like I was in a movie too where the two young boys get lessons from the old master Japanese tennis sensei haha. He put on like he wasn't that good and then he went on to make us run all around the court and smash the ball in our faces as he taught us haha. He is doing well just have to help him gain more faith.
We found another guy this week. M--. He is keeping all of the commitments now too and he is progressing very well. We found while looking at the Sakura (The cherry blossoms.) They bloom once a year for a week haha. So it was good Dendo (missionary finding) for us because we just walked around the river where they are and walked up to people and said "this is our first time seeing them!" And it worked every time being able to talk to people haha. We also met with S-- and S-- and ate but still trying to help them do church stuff. They are so nice though. They are a miracle. I think a highlight for this week was playing basketball for the first time since getting to Japan!!!!!! FINALLY!!! We got a referral from the mission headquarters for a guy who liked basketball. I called him and we played this week. He was good!! He is good and shoots 3s like crazy. It was fun too because we got to play on an international boundary court with the international ball. He said he wasn't used to playing with tall people haha. He said I was a Japanese power forward haha but I'm a shooting guard haha it was cool and it should be a weekly thing now. It was funny too becasue to play you have to reserve a time at the gym and we didn't know that. So we got there and there were high schoolers playing. But, us being gaijin (foreigners) they were more than willing to let us have half the court haha it was funny when we opened the door and everyone is just like "what??" So confused that we were there haha.
Also today was great at the temple. I learned that I love the Japanese people so much. They are awesome. I love Japanese. I was getting really ready eyed when I realized how much I want to help them. We also went to a trick art museum after and I'll send pictures. We road on rainbow bridge on the way there today. Wooh haha also saw a giant robot thing. I'll send pictures. Another good thing I learned was I need this work more than it needs me. I will be forever grateful for what the mission is. Heavenly Father really helps us grow. This was one of my best weeks. We did little to no finding, taught lessons, and played basketball haha. Our investigators are doing well. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I love you all so much and I want you to know that I know that this Gospel is true.
Sometimes life is tough but having the Gospel makes everything possible. Prayer and scripture study work. Do it! I get to watch conference this week, I cant wait. I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy the present I sent. I love you!!!

Soccer Fun!

Me and my Companion

Japanese toddler --- so dang cute!!!

My Free Poster :)

We are the two specks under the robot's feet.

Ahhhh - This is why missionaries are not allowed to swim in the ocean.

Our good friends taking us to lunch!

Missionaries come here so often in Tokyo on Temple P-days that they give us a discount!!!
Great Mexican food while in Japan.