Hey everyone!!

I had a pretty good week. I forgot to tell you about my talk last week. It went way better this time. I organized it on my ipad way better and I didn't get lost so it went smoothly, haha.
Also last Sunday we were teaching a less active and Elder Larm was explaining how we all get to make choices on earth and that's why we came here. Well one of the words for "choose" is also "do laundry" so the way he said it sounded like "laundry". It was so funny because he said, "we came to earth to do laundry" - I bet mom would agree - haha.
We are also getting a new apartment finally this week. This one is way too small and yea, it has a huge roof leak. So happy we are getting out of here haha. By the way. I knew next week should be fast and testimony meeting. Could you please tell the ward how thankful I am for them. I was thinking about it and I really love all the people there. Tell them to always hold strong to whatever testimony they have and pray and read. The basic stuff will keep them happy. I'm also super proud of Chrissy's friend. tell her she is doing exactly what God wants her too. Good job!!
Also a cool experience we are in right now. We met a guy named K--. He didn't answer again for like two weeks but Elder Larm felt like we should call him one morning so we did. He finally answered and we ended up teaching him. It is so sad. 20 years ago when his daughter was 8 he separated from his wife and the wife got the daughter. he literally hasn't been able to see her. He showed us all of his pictures of his daughter and he said he just wants to go back. I was tearing up. He has been praying to Heavenly Father in Christ's name for 20 years. Perfect prayer. He prays just like us. We invited him to church and he should come this next Sunday and is learning now. So amazing that we found him. We are also teaching a guy who is 33. He is from a ward member and at first I thought he had a mental illness but he doesn't. He understands perfectly. He said he was made fun of so much when he was younger and now that he came to an activity at church he feels light and is happy and wants to come everyday. his name is N--.

I love you all so much. I love you I am so proud of you all. I'm fine right now, my shoes are fine but the soles are shaped really funny now, haha they are fine though.

Love you!!

Elder Proctor
Our good friend who has a member daughter living in Tyler.
My parents sent me the Texas Flag Tie to give to him. - He Loves It!

Our good friends taking us to lunch
Boy am I glad I saw him with his Longhorns hat :)

An interesting Shrine in Kisarazu

Overlooking Kisarazu while on a bridge

Another new friend who took us up on this monument overlooking Kisarazu