Hello Everybody!!!

I got my transfer call! I'm staying and getting a new companion! He is full Nihonjin (Japanese)!!! But he is from Idaho and English is his language haha.  He is one transfer under me. I have also been given a mission leadership position as the District Leader! My first time so let's hope I dont mess this up haha.
We had another pretty good week! Our investigators are progressing. Last week I forgot two more stories. While we are on the trains in Tokyo there were these two ladies from Hawaii. They had suitcases and were rushed and we carried them for them. We told them about our church, in English!?! It's actually weird to do that because I'm not used to it haha but anyways, they knew Mormons in Hawaii and it went well. Then they gave us chocolate!! It was so good. Like 3 boxes of Hawaiian chocolate - Wooh haha.
There was also another guy and a lady who were just lost in the station. They were just standing there and had no clue what to do. We asked what they needed and told us and we talked to the train people and got them where they needed to be. They were so thankful. So moral of the story is, if you ever need to get anywhere and your out of town, "ask the missionaries" (Elder Nelson reference there), because they walk around all day and know where everything is haha.
So we taught an amazing lesson yesterday to K--. He brought his friend who is a preacher at another church to his house to talk to us too. So we were two American missionaries talking to two super old Japanese men haha. It went great though. K-- literally testified and taught the other guy the Restoration perfectly. He testified about how we walk the walk. It was so cool. K-- was saying how even though he feels like he hasn't gotten much help, me and Elder Larm have helped him a lot and he likes us. He also said the Book of Mormon is easy to understand. It was so awesome to see our investigator testify like that to another person. Its cool too because there are a couple of words for true in Japanese and I've been using "makoto" with K--, for no reason - I just realized I have. Come to find out yesterday his first name is M--!? So I've been saying this is his church and the true church haha. So cool to see that we are guided even though we don't know it. I usually don't use that word but I have been with him. Pray for him to come to church this week please!
N-- is also progressing well too and we are also teaching other people. General conference was amazing. They had different languages playing so I got to watch in English. It was amazing and I hope everyone listened to the spirit and found something they can improve!
This church is true I know it. Don't ever doubt that you are doing what is right. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are proud of all of you and I know the Holy Ghost will comfort you. I love you all!!!! We went to sushi again by the way. It's my favorite food by far. Can't wait to go here with all of you one day:)

Elders and friends

Goofing off with another friend

Our baptismal font - kinda shallow eh?

Japanese kids are adorable - High 5ing this little tike

Yes, I ate 15 plates and it was gooooooood - Arigatō