Hey everyone!!
This last week was a pretty interesting week. So at Eikaiwa (English Class) we did an American food party. The other Elders went to Costco on pday and bought American things. When we were telling people about it we were talking to a group of kids once. I was explaining it to them and I was like yeah, we are having American food. They were kind of confused for a second the one girl said "like, junk food?" It was hilarious. That was literally her image of our food haha. We also found the son of a preacher here, he is Nihonjin, (Japanese) and his name we got his number but haven't been able to contact him but keep trying.
When Elder larm and I were at the church hours before the party, some lady and her daughter walked in. they wanted to do Eikaiwa. I told them about the party that night and the 7 year old seemed really excited. When they got to the party that night the little girl gave me a note, it was written in all hiragana, (Japanese Character Writing) and it said, thanks for inviting me to the party Purokutaa Sensei. I almost cried it was the  cutest thing ever. She calls me Proctor Sensei haha its awesome. The Eikaiwa party was hilarious because we had to teach everyone how to fix up their burger. They didn't know how and the whole time they were just like, woah, huh, wow haha.
I also was assigned last Sunday to give talk so yesterday I gave it. I had a week haha. My third talk in Kisarazu. It went way better than my other ones though and I talked about inviting people to church. Being district leader is way busy, but I enjoy the challenge. I like being asked questions and its making me better too. I really like my new companion. He is awesome and is really helping me becasue I have to focus on the district now too. Its fun and me and him can speak Japanese to each other better too. It's really fun. We have N-- praying about baptism right now. He is doing great and is halfway through second Nephi. He read the scripture about our brothers being on the islees of the sea, Japan, and he really likes it. K-- is doing well. He is reading and praying we just need him to come to church. I-- was given to us by the other Elders and he is just as crazy as always. He comes to the church more than members but isn't baptized. We are trying to get him to just do it already though haha.
Yesterday we committed a less active to paying tithing for the first time. We watched the Easter video too, they have it in Japanese, wooh! and i cried for the first time in a lesson. I just watched that video and seeing it in Japanese saying that He died and was resurrected for all of them too made me cry. It was a very spiritual moment.

Christ is our Savior and don't you doubt it. I love your emails and I am so proud of all of you. I love you so much!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get your present!! I sent Hannah a package and some of the candy in it is for you guys too so make sure she doesn't eat it all haha.

This was the extent of our Easter Celebration :)
The Ward gave us a couple of hard boiled eggs - Sweet!!!

Elder Nukaya - Awesome missionary

Another friend

We taught this cool kid English for 3 weeks before his trip to the UK

Another great friend we are working with - a really nice guy.