Hey everybody!!!!
I hope you had a fun week. This week was honestly kind of a slow week, we weren't able to get a hold of our investigators 'til Saturday but we did help the other Elders with their investigator who comes to every activity. He speaks English and is an interesting guy. He bore his testimony at our night sacrament meeting for people who can't come during the day. He came to the morning sacrament too haha. So he bore his testimony, started off with ladies and gentleman and he went on and on about "how are you guys so happy". He said it probably 20 times. He was speaking English and I finally just told the less active I was sitting with, he is saying the same thing over and over again - haha. It was funny. This same investigator while we were walking with him decided to Dendo (do missionary work with) a lady to show us he could be a missionary and guess what - the lady actually came with her son!?! So funny. Then he ended with, well that's it and started to walk off haha but someone told him to end in Christ's name haha. The other Elders said they might just have us start teaching him because he listens to me and Elder Larm better haha we will see.

That same less actives name is T--. We got to talk with him a lot this week. It was so cool because in his testimony he said he wants to take a picture with me and two other missionaries in Texas while eating steak. All the missionaries he likes are from Texas haha and in Japan they don't have real steak. Its a hamburger without a bun haha. He is reading the Books of Mormon everyday now and its awesome. He also took us to the monument and I'll send pictures. It was really cool.

We are also still talking with the guy who likes English, M-- on the phone. I try Japanese but he just likes English too much. Its funny too because sometimes I'll clarify in Japanese and he'll be like "oh now I get it" haha so funny. His wife is just kind of against it so we are working with that.
I got something funny. I realized I feel like a puppy sometimes. You know how dogs do not understand what we say but they know if they do the right thing at the right time they'll get a reward. Well at the beginning of my mission when I didn't understand anything, at the 7 eleven I would take a TV dinner to the counter. They heat it up for you but only if you say yes at the right time. I would wait 'til the exact moment and say "hai" and they'd heat it up and I'd get my treat haha I know what they ask now but I just thoughts you'd think that story was funny haha.
Another funny story: yesterday at the park while doing a soccer activity we were talking to two old ladies. Like 83 years old with the investigator I was talking about earlier. One of the old ladies, after talking about how young we were, stood up and grabbed and squished both of Elder Larm's biceps and sat down. It was hilarious and weird and glad it happened to him haha. We also found a vending machine that sold.....umbrellas, good ones!???!. so we bought them and took pictures haha.
I know that all of these people are God's children. I love the Japanese people so much. Jesus Christ is our Savior and please, please, please, pray every morning and night and all day. I promise you will find more happiness and peace. I love you all so much!!!!

Me and a new friend on top of a Kisarazu monument
Fun stuff!!!
Umbrellas from the Vending Machine
Japan has vending machines for everything!