Not much to talk about.  I was on the bus through Japan and spent a lot of time packing.  It snowed really bad in Niigata but now it is perfect weather here in Kisarazu.  In just the past few days my Japanese has improved a lot because I have no choice, since I am training - haha.  I have to.  My trainee, Elder Larm from Utah, only knows MTC Japanese which is a different language - haha.  He's 18 and young. Its funny seeing where I was 3 months ago - haha.  So I'm helping him and trying to focus on teaching him to focus on the Spirit and not Japanese because the Japanese will come.  Yesterday I gave my first blessing.  I did it in English for the anointing and a ward member blessed her.  It was the most amazing thing hearing it in Japaense.  Sounds so powerful and he was using super polite and humble Japanese that I couldn't make out.  SO amazing.  I taught home teaching for the first time and the same brother that did the blessing was with me.  He told the recent convert that she needs to build the spirit for herself.  The missionaries have it and that's how she could feel it so much before she was baptized.  Then he went on and on about how I had the Spirit and I just felt warm and privileged inside because the Japanese people look up to us so much because pretty much everyone is a convert. 
I blessed the sacrament in Japanese for the first time yesterday and that was cool.  I felt awesome.  In Sanjo a member almost cried when I left and I did haha.  I also said bye to I- our investigator.  The apartment I'm in now is tiny and we are crammed but I'm slowly becoming less stressed. 
Training comes with so much responsibility and I'm doing my best.  We whitewashed in too so we have no one and are starting from 0.  We can do it though.  We are a new area.  I love you all.  So cool that it snowed.  Thanks for your emails guys. I read them all and feel your love so much.  More next week, I love you!!!!!!
Elder Proctor

Elder Larm and Me - Getting set up in Kisarazu

Departing Sanjo - 2 great ward members
They are sad that I am going I guess - lol

"Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little, Lamb"