Konichiwa!  愛している

Hey everyone!!  So we went to the all you can eat again.  Had a cool experience.  I was at the ice cream dispense thing and two little Japanese girls turned to me and were about to try it. 3 and 5 years old it looked like.  She tried but then turned to me and said, "tasukete kudasai"  that means "please help me".  I almost died because it was soo cute and I understood things immediately,  haha.  I told her "mochiron" which means "of course" and it was just awesome,  haha so adorable.  We had another week of finding, haha.  We were getting pretty anxious honestly.  So Thursday we fasted.  We went all day through the snow hail and rain looking house to house and couldn't find anyone interested.  We weren't going to eat until we found someone.  Right before we got home, we were going back to grab something not to eat, we found a guy on the bridge.  It was funny because it was like our last ditch effort.  My companion yelled stop! haha.  He wanted to learn about families and we got his number and are trying to get another appointment with him. Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers and fasting is amazing.   It was so cool.  So the snow here is ridiculously taihen (dreadful).  We trudge through the snow so we are super slow.  We are doing our best though, haha.  probably walk through the snow for 5 hours everyday, haha.  My talk went great at sacrament meeting Sunday.  I had my back up in Japanese but didn't have to read it:)  I gave it from the heart and it went great.  My ward for the first time seemed like they trusted me, haha.  So good to see that.  I testified to them about how I would always remember them.  Next Monday are transfers and I might be gone because I've been here for 2 transfers.  Who knows though.  I love them a lot.  Afterwards I talked to them and they were really happy with how I've progressed because they saw me when I first got here, haha.  Heavenly Father answers prayers and I can tell you without a doubt that by diligence, all blessings will come.  It'll be fun to give part of my talk in Japanese to you when I get back.  I love you all.  Have a good week!!!!!
Elder Mason Proctor
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