Kon'nichiwa Nihon kara!  こんにちは日本から

This week was great! We had a mission conference with Elder Scott D. Whiting and after the conference with Elder Whiting I told my companion we are changing.  We are not using the "whitewashing" excuse as to why we are having difficulty in our new area (whitewashing is starting a new area).  That day we found a Pilipino family and an investigator named K--  So cool.  The Pilipino lady spoke Japanese for like 5 minutes then said I speak English and started laughing.  So funny.  I don't think they thought we were serious because the times we went to see them, they weren't there but tonight we are visiting them. 
Crazy coincidence.  A guy on the street was wearing a longhorn hat so I stopped and talked to him.  His daughter lives in Tyler?!?!?! of all places! His son is on a mission in Japan.  I asked him if he was a member and he said no.  I tried to set up time with him but he has obviously heard it.  What a crazy coincidence though.  We ran into a Jamaican man.  He was kind of bible bashing but he said he'll come to church.  This past week was stake conference so maybe next week he'll come.  Stake conference was awesome.  Exactly like ours except everything Japanese-haha you know: kids screaming, happy people and everything-haha.  We sang our mission song for the stake.  A lot of them cried.  They pulled out their phones and recorded too haha.  I read D&C 60:2-3 and it has helped me.  Don't waste what you have been given.  I have been speaking a lot more this week to everyone. 
Yesterday for the first time I got to quote the first vision to a man on the street.  Its so funny because I go from rudimentary Nihongo (Japanese) to high level flawless for 30 seconds then back to rudimentary haha.  He liked it though but said he is busy.  We found a former investigator.  I saw two kids on bikes and felt we should go to them .  We tried to catch up but couldn't so turned around.  When we walked back where we were a man ran up and he said are you the Mormons?!?!  I was like yea!  He has read the whole bible and Book of Mormon and studys a lot of religions.  He said Mormon is most correct haha.  So we are teaching him now.  He is like 65 and I can never understand old people but I can understand him.  I think Heavenly Father has something planned for us because I can understand him and he is the only old man I can. 
I love you all and know that you mean the world to me.  Ill send some pictures.  I went to the top of the Kisarazu monument this morning for exercise.  I love you!!!!  We get ipads on Wednesday!!!  Yoshi!!!!  Getting my stuff for it today. 

Elder Proctor
Tai Chi class in the park - cool!
Yummy Shrimp!