Here we go.  We had deep cleaning day.  Absolutely gross but got it done and feel better now, haha.  The Nihonjin (Japanese) in our apartment gave me the mask, you know, the ones that Japanese people wear and I wore it all day, haha.  Kind of funny how the mask thing is normal to me now.  The Book of Mormon read day was amazing.  I truly felt like I was in the book.  I only got through second Nephi because I was marking it up the whole time. It was so amazing though.  Just reading so much at once made it make so much more sense.  I can see how the whole purpose of it is to testify of Christ. Just like the New Testament of the Bible.  I love it.  Its true.  True as in it really is God's word for us.  It is.  No doubt about it.  Read it everyday please.  I want you to learn the same things.  We tried teaching this guy named K--.  I put the Kanji because it was the first time I read the kanji on the door and it was right:)  K--.  But he is super old and speaks in old man Japanese so its pretty much impossible to understand, haha.  We get our message across though.  I-- has pneumonia so didn't get to teach him.  When we housed this week two people gave us food, haha.  Nihonjin are so nice.   They tell us no but give us food, haha.   

I had a sweet experience at church yesterday.  My talk is next week by the way.  Anyways, so during sacrament under my breath I just translate.  Its something my trainer taught me because I realized that if I don't do that, then I hear the words in Nihongo (Japanese)  but I don't focus on the meaning.  So I was translating and then I felt the Spirit super strongly.  I translated a lady's testimony pretty much 100%.  I felt happy and warmth because I realized that because of Heavenly Father I was translating for His children.  It was an awesome experience to see where I've gotten to.  We get Ipads the beginning of February.  Wooh!  Oh yea, a pipe burst in the church so the carpet is soaked and we have to wipe it up every other day till its fixed.  It literally had puddles everywhere.  We joked to dam it up and build a baptismal font, haha.  I love you all so much.  Nihongo is improving but the more I learn the more I realize I don't know, haha.  I'm doing a lot better though and I actually can communicate with the members.  Nice to see them trust me more.   My parents are yasashii is what everyone says.  That means "nice", haha  they see all the stuff I get and how you give them stuff, haha.  I love you all.  Happy New Year!
Elder Mason Proctor

New Years Cleaning ---- a Japanese Tradition!

Service with a Smile - Pipe burst in the Church :(

Uhhh, I don't think so. . .
(actual mailbox while we were tracting)

"Baby, it's cold outside. . ."