So this week I had my last soccer game and basketball game.  I played a little baseball too for like 20 minutes.  Basketball was fun.  I have to say though.  Soccer has been the best.  Since all of us are about the same skill in soccer its fun.  We don't keep score in the MTC but in soccer its kind of hard not to know the score since its so low.  But we scored more goals than the other team every time:)  WE had to say by to one of our senseis.  Hatch Kyoudai.  (a "u" next to an "o" makes a long "ohh" sound by the way)  It was sad.  He was great and really humble.    Tonight we say by to our other two regular senseis.  Not looking forward to that.  Our whole district is probably going to cry but its ok haha.  We've grown really close to them because they teach us for 6 hours a day.  I cant wait to be fluent like them .
I had my last lesson with our practice investigator.  the Spirit was so strong.  We decided to just bear our testimony about Heavenly Father and Christ.  The Spirit was so strong.  It's going to be hard to leave my real kyudosha (investigators) in the field.  Japanese is awesome.  Everything really started clicking this week.  I got some help from the Nihonjin too.  They obviously can speak it a lot better haha.  They can tell me what sounds natural and give me tips.  So I've accepted the fact that I'm going to be clueless in Tokyo haha.  Its ok though.  I can teach and bear testimony so I know the Lord will use me.
My next post in a week will likely have pictures of my new trainer and my Mission President and his wife. I am exactly 14 hours in the future Texas time so if it is 8 in the morning in Texas, it is 10 in the evening in Japan.
Our MTC district - All Elders this round!