Kon'nichiwa Family and Friends!
It is getting pretty close to being finished at the MTC and I am excited to get to Japan!  In one of our lessons it was cool.  We were talking about authority and my companion wanted to use an example.  Of all the examples in the world, he chose a police officer, how they have authority to give tickets.  Not just anyone can give you a ticket.  He didn't know how to say police officer and ticket and stuff though.  Pretty cool that i do because of Rosetta stone.  So we were both on the same page because of the Spirit and I was able to explain.  The Spirit is so real. 
I play soccer during gym.  Its fun.  I've scored 3 times haha.  MTC soccer.  Were pretty sure Tuesday president Monson will be speaking so I'm really excited for that.  Its being broadcast to every MTC so were 50% sure its him.  We got to Skype with someone in Japan.  it was awesome talking to them for 45 minutes in Japanese.  Japanese people are apparently hard to convert but once they are they are so faithful.  This lady was amazing that we talked too.  She said that she was a missionary's only baptism and now her entire family under her, she was old, are members.  Like 40 people.
I know this church is true.  Christ is our Savior.  My Japanese is really  getting better.  I'm getting a little worried though because when I listen to natives speak, I cant understand because it is so fast!!!!!!!!!! Ill just have to get used to it though.  I love you all.  So much.  I accidently told, in a lesson, that this practice investigator could become Christ instead of saying he could become more like Christ haha.  So funny.  I'm going to have lots of those moments though so I better get used to it.  I love your letters!!!  I love you all. 

Elder Mason Proctor
My Awesome Companion got me this Sweet Shirt!

New Sweater from my Mom, Thanks!