Utah is getting cold! It snowed a little on this mountain behind the MTC. I am glad mom and dad sent me sweaters. MTC life is doing great. I am really getting better at the language. We taught in this thing called TRC.  People volunteer for us to practice on.  We taught a lady named Nagano-san.  She said my pronunciation was great.  Its always so cool how in our lessons my Japanese is so much better.  I can't imagine how much better it will be in real lessons.  So we taught her then at the end I bore my testimony about Christ and how I knew that the church was true.  Held back tears, a common occurrence for me ha-ha, she afterwards told me how she really felt the Spirit.  That was cool.  The Nihonjin next door to us are cool.  We talk to them to practice.  We had a little challenge.  One of the elders in my room read in English as fast as he could so they couldn't understand.  Then the nihonjin elder read as fast as he could in nihongo.  It was so cool.  HE  was reading the Kanji and Hiragana so fast it was ridiculous.  Just like we read English. Experience I had yesterday.  While teaching one of our senseis, the senseis imitate someone they taught on their mission and we teach them and they act like them, the "investigators name is Man-san".  We were going to teach him about prayer but my mind kept blanking in the lesson.  It was frustrating me but then Man-san first asked what God was like.  We explained that He had a body and He is our Father.  After he had an image of God then I could easily speak of prayer and explain it like I am supposed to be able too.  It's cool how the Spirit will blank your mind for a reason.  I couldn't speak about prayer because the Spirit knew he needed to know about God's identity first.  Then the language came and I could teach about prayer. I cant wait for it to be real investigators.  Hope you're liking conference because I sure am. I leave for Japan and my first area in 3 more Mondays. I am excited but still miss everyone. Please keep me in your prayers as I feel it daily.
Ima no sayonara!
This is one of my "Senseis"

My Study Materials - Looks like Japanese to me.